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Magical Love Spell Power of Pulung!


Magical Love Spell Power of Pulung


Magical Love Spell Power of Pulung

Potent Love Spell Power Remote Energy Transfer with Jinn Spirit

This is a 7-day Remote Empowerment Process that includes a Jinn (Djinn or Genie Spirit Entity)

Magical Love Spell Power Of Pulung!
    Magical Love Spell Power of Pulung!

This magical Love Spell power comes with a Genie/Jinn, which is directly empowered into the user’s auric field. The user can have this empowerment placed into a talismanic object if required. The choice is up to the user.

This is a superlative Magical love spell or attraction power from Ngiri, and its rare Javanese magical power will bless the owner with the force of Cupid. Attracting any specific person for the sake of Love, we do stress not to abuse this Love Spell Power for only sexual purposes; using someone for sexual gratification will lead to negative karma. It should be used with genuine intention for marriage.

This Potent Love Spell Power is extremely effective for bringing together people who are having troubles or problems in a relationship or marriage. It can also be useful for those who are not yet in a relationship but who are seeking courtship.

This Magical force is so powerful it can bring peace to disenchanted couples and sometimes make them grow closer than before as if the negativity and discontent between them never existed.

This magical force can bring strangers together and evoke compassionate energies as does Cupid’s arrow. This magical power gives one the power to attract sympathy and affection easily.

This power should never be used by the keeper for negative intentions and under no circumstances should the keeper abuse it to elicit one night stands.

The force of this magical love spell is very strong and those affected will develop a powerful spiritual bond that is virtually unbreakable by either logic or sense. It works effectively on both neutral and negative people, so is helpful for persuasion of the disinterested.

This mystical force can be used by either partners or singles looking for a long term relationship that will result in marriage. It can also assist friends, family, and others who are undergoing problems in hearts and relationships.

For keepers of this power who would seek to ensure your partner will be forever in Love with you and devoted, this will also be of extreme value. It is especially suited to those who have very desirable partners such as those considered extremely attractive, celebrities or social figures.

Our adepts cannot stress the importance of having the correct intentions in mind when using or developing this Magical Love Spell power. Potential keepers should note that misuse of this Metaphysical power will lead to severe consequences.

This Magical Love Spell Power can also be used by Practitioners, Shamans and occultists that are involved in the services to assist others. Your Personal Jinn Spirit and this power combined can provide solutions to partners who are under going relationship stress and problems.


Virtues of This Magical Love Spell Power of Pulung

  • Strengthens the bond between existing lovers
  • Resolves disputes and troubles in relationships
  • Improves the relationship with your lover creating a powerful spiritual bond
  • Recovers a marriage or dying relationship re-sparking the Love between partners
  • Attracts the opposite sex with a powerful magnetic spell
  • Attracts and magnetises your desired person
  • Reinforces devotion and loyalty
  • Easily soften stubborn individuals even if they refuse you.


Application / Method of remote distance transfer

A Genie/Jinn Spirit is included in this package during the empowerment process.

This empowerment is Non-Refundable!!

Payment Via Bank Wire : We do not accept Credit Cards, Paypal, Money Gram or Western Union for Custom Remote Transfers.


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