Magical Oil of Offence


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Magical Oil of Offence

This magical oil can be used to destroy/disable
magicians who have directed their ill intentions towards you. The oil can also
be used for any types of enemies that are harming you or your family in any

This oil can be used to rid of any tyrants, aggressors,
local gangsters etc. This item does come with a warning; the user must use this
in caution. This item is to be used in dire and desperate needs only and not for
the purpose for the user to boast their ego or pride, or for destroying their

This item is to be solely used for warding
off tyrants, aggressors, bullies, or negative practitioners or magicians.
Misuse of this item on innocent and unsuspecting people will lead to an
accumulation of negative effects for the user.  There are no difficult
mantras or rituals to recite or conduct for this item.

The item will affect the magical personal power
weakening them to a point where they will unable to attack you further.

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