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Magical Power of 7 Dimensions (Special Class Version)



Magical Power of 7 Dimensions

Magic Power Special Class Version

High Level Empowerment–Special Version

The Magical Power of 7 Dimensions was being offered by the adept many years ago, but we never offered it online through our company due to the difficulty level of the previous version. It has now been simplified to a great extent and the adept has perfected it so that the end user can easily absorb the high level power available in this empowered capsule.

Acquire High-Level Magic Power with the Magical Power of 7 Dimensions


The Magical Power of 7 Dimensions allows the user to acquire a high-level spiritual power that attunes you quickly to spiritual forces and gives you the secret method to call upon Saints, spiritual masters or cosmic beings for aid and assistance. This magic power was kept secret amongst the elite so that only they were able to tap into the power of Spiritual Masters, Saints and obtain the series of mantras and prayers which connected them to other High Spiritual Masters, Saints and Walis.

Communicate Directly with Spiritual Beings

Now that this special level empowerment is being offered to the public, you are able to be in direct communication with spiritual beings and with great ease and simplified methods too.

In the past, disciples had to conduct strenuous fasting, long recitations and submerge themselves into deep meditation on a daily basis in order for them to reach the same level of development that was worthy to approach such Spiritual Beings and Great Masters.

The Use of the Magical Power of 7 Dimensions Has Been Simplified for You

The adept of this empowerment has himself spent many years in training to perfect the transference of energy so that it can be simplified and absorbed by the end user effectively. Those who are earnest to follow the spiritual path and disciplined with be greatly awarded by such magical power. This high-level power is now available so that anyone can access this cosmic power to advance their spiritual development whilst also working with higher cosmic beings.

Get Help from Spiritual Beings In Times of Needs

These spiritual beings through the Magical Power of 7 Dimensions will assist you in times of needs and also impress advanced magical and psychic knowledge upon your mind. You will be able to gain great insight and impressions automatically without having to learn from books or attending training courses.

The Self-Initiation Process

This empowerment requires the user to go through a self-initiation process which lasts approximately 40 minutes to 1 hour. The process is to assist the high frequency energy to blend harmoniously into the user’s own energy structure.

In essence, this empowerment has many magical virtues that develop within the user, virtues such as Invulnerability, High-Level Inner Strength, Clairvoyance, Remote Viewing, Healing Abilities, Magical Self Defence and many more. This combination and intensity of power is considered high class and unique to be offered in one self-empowerment, as well as the deep spiritual connection to higher cosmic/angelic beings the user will gain from.

The Virtues of the Magical Power of 7 Dimensions


• Remote Vision and Viewing
• Clairvoyance
• Befriending Spirit Entities and conjuring them easily
• Magical Dreams for Guidance or meeting Spiritual beings
• High-level Psychic Sensitivity
• Urgent Problem Solver, of anything you require.
• Communication with Saints, Walis, Spiritual Beings and Cosmic Masters.
• Invulnerability Power
• High-level Attraction and Charismatic Presence
• Power to Influence and gain Sympathy easily
• Ability to Neutralise your Opponent/ Aggressor’s Power
• Disable your enemies Magical Power and neutralise this even remotely.
• Saint’s Level of Healing Power



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