Magical Power of Belut Putih


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Magical Power of Belut Putih

Remote Magical Power Empowerment


This magnificent defensive magical power is a natural element gifted from the Kelud Mountain to a high level spiritual practitioner in reward for the 2 decades he spent meditating on the ancient ground.

The virtues of this power are comparable to that of an eel: slick, smooth and swift.

This Magical Power is suited to those who are under the constant scrutiny of others and whose public image is very important in providing eel like ability to avoid and escape problems and troubles caused by others. This Magickal Power does not allow you to conduct negative acts or intentions but aids when you are cornered in a negative situation, for example, blackmail, government scrutiny, political or business concerns. The magical power requires no action from the keeper and works of its own accord defending you from bad intentions and danger.

This Magical Power will bring you solace and exclude the worries of enemies attempting to destroy your career or business.


The virtues of this superlative magical power will:


  • Assist the keeper in evading dangers and troubles with the slickness of an eel
  • Confer on the keeper the skill, when cornered either physically or verbally, to easily escape.
  • Provide the keeper with protection from criminal activities and disasters
  • Develop skills to deflect spells, magical attacks and intrusion by negative forces
  • Have the ability to send remote, long-distance attacks to other occultists or magicians with negative intentions. This ability may only be used against negative magicians or occultists
  • Confer on the keeper a shield providing additional protection from all forms of dangers and perils. These include illness, magical attacks and some forms of spells


To summarize: this is a wonderfully flexible defense Magickal power to own. A mantra is given including a Genie (Jinn Assigned to the user). The Genie will assist the user to bypass trouble and this is given as a backup power to reinforce what we will transfer to the user. Specialized Empowered objects will be given to the user and these are custom empowered for every individual.


  • Application / Method of transfer

Method of transfer

  1. This Magical Power will be directly transferred by our adept in a period of 7 days.
  2. The client will be given 3 capsules to ingest.
  3. On the first day the client shall perform meditation as directed and take capsules as indicated just before the transfer/initiation takes place.
  4. The client will also receive the following provisions as part of the package:
  • Instruction paper work with a basic mantra to recite to build up on this power and control the genie spirit.
  • A specially empowered Gentong talisman,
  • A special azimat talisman, for showering to cleanse the auric field and smooth the transfer of power.
  • A Genie Spirit (known as a Jinn) will be assigned and given to the user to control and use when facing any forms of danger. These will be permanent friendly beings.
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