Magical Power of Lebur Seketi


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Ilmu Lebur Seketi

Ilmu Personal Empowerment Item
This package includes a special Lebur Seketi Amulet

Many magickal powers have originated from the ancient Mataram Kingdom. This unique power has 2 major functions:

Once empowered the keeper will have the ability to repel any kind of spirit disturbance. He will be able to dismiss genies, jinns, enchantments, negative magickal spells and evil spirits of all kinds.

He will also be able to repel evil in the physical realm providing safety and protecting the keeper from the bad intentions of enemies and opposition. This magickal force creates a shield around the keeper causing enemies and negative spirits to flee in fear.

This magickal power also confers on the keeper the ability to fight with great force. This power should only be used in an emergency and as a defensive mechanism. Should the keeper attempt to use this power to incite aggressive acts the magickal power will be depleted or the keeper may lose the power completely. It is a power to only be used with positive intention or as self defense. It allows the keeper the ability to turn aggression back upon itself.

This magickal force provides the keeper with the ability to strike with the Power Punch. This martial arts technique is famed in Indonesia and with only one hit can cause your enemy to fall and sometimes may render them unconscious. This magickal power also allows the keeper to use the Power Punch to strike down enemies remotely from several metres away and can be a very powerful tool against both spiritual and earthly enemies. However this power requires practice and refinement to charge the energy bubble necessary to effectively knock down targets remotely.

Together with the Power Punch this Magickal power creates a shield around the user which results in negative spirits fleeing in fear.

Again it is necessary to stress that this magickal force is to be used only for positive purposes. It should not be misused or abused as this will not only result in loss of power but also cause negative karma consequences for the keeper. Breaking the rules of the Magickal Power will only result in negative effects for the keeper. This Magickal Power should only be used with positive intention for self defense or the greater good of others.

Magickal Virtues:

  •  With this Magickal Power you will able to return magickal attacks from negative practitioners with greater force and use their own dark power against them.
  •  This magickal power confers on the keeper the ability to repel evil from spirit and physical beings alike
  •  This magickal power will create a protective shield around the user enabling them to live in safety and security
  •  The keeper of this Magickal Power will be confered with the ability to use the Indonesian Power Punch (for positive purposes only)
  •  As keeper of this magickal power you will be conferred with the physical ability to defend yourself against aggressors and those with negative intentions
  •  This magickal power will also provide you with the ability to defend yourself remotely from aggressive behavior

Application / Method of transfer

Method of transfer


  •  This ilmu will be directly transferred by our adept in a period of 5  days. 
  •  On the first day the client shall perform meditation as directed and  shall ingest both capsules provided.
  •  Rajah ilmu (special scriptures) shall be immersed into the water used  for the cleansing.
  •  The client shall also receive the following provisions as part of the  package:

 – Description & Mantra, Direction of use.  
 – A special Lebur Seketi amulet

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