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Magical Power of Rapal Karang



Magical Power of Rapal Karang


The Magical power of “Rapal Karang” and is considered as one of the most ancient & Sacred power of the Shamanic Javanese Roots. This particular power is becoming rare and difficult to acquire within Indonesia.

Magical power of rapal karang particular power is provided in its original form and power. The magical power of rapal karang spell is actually the root essence of many high level invulnerability powers circulating the shamanic society of Indonesia at the moment.


Magical Power of Rapal Karang

• Gain Respect from friends and Foe
• Protection from Psychic Attacks, Black Magic & Spells
• Negative Spirits will fear your presence and Flee
• Negative humans (With negative intentions towards you) will be filled with fear and tremble in your presence
• Posses high level of Personal Magnetism and High Charismatic Presence
• Easily solve problems you are facing in life


No fasting is required but a 3 day simple specialized diet is recommended for conducting the initiation ritual. The mantra is short and easy to remember. This empowerment is rare and its magical mantra is a mixture of Javanese and Arabic language.


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