Magical Power of Rawa Rontek


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Magical Power of Rawa Rontek

“Ilmu Empowerment item”



This superlative invincibility metaphysical power originates from the Majapahit Kingdom and was used by the great warriors of this ancient empire. It is especially suited to those who work in areas of conflict such as law enforcement, personal protection and the military. It is also extremely useful for not only civilians but also those holding power in society including politicians, business owners and public figures and for people who aspire to such positions.

This Magical Force affords the keeper deflective protection from physical attacks, and strikes from aggressors will either miss or not be felt. As understood by those who practice the Chinese martial arts this power provides the energy to turn the aggression upon itself and redirects it back toward your attacker.

Provided the keeper has only good intentions in his mind, he (by the Grace of Allah) will be invincible and invulnerable to harm. The protection afforded to the keeper will be both from metaphysical and physical attacks and stab wounds will heal at an accelerated pace (by the Grace of God) and without mark.

This metaphysical power will also confer on the keeper the ability not only to heal oneself but also the injuries and health problems of others.

The benefits and improvements attached to this Magical Power are endless and virtues conferred upon the keeper include:

  • Increased capacity to heal wounds from physical and metaphysical attacks making this magical force especially useful for Shamanic healers
  • Development of powers to remove effects of spells, enchantments and spiritual possessions
  • Amplified abilities to neutralize negative energies or auras and cleanse those of oneself or others
  • Creation of a protective aura which not only affords the keeper an invisible defense but also automatically returns the power of attack back on your enemy.
  • This magical power will not only protect the keeper but also his home and business. The responsibility of defining boundaries is the responsibility of the keeper


  • Application / Method of transfer

Method of transfer

  1. This Magical Power will be directly transferred by our adept in a period of 14 days.
  2. On the first day and the last day the client shall perform meditation as directed.
  3. The client will be provided 3 capsules to ingest as directed.
  4. The client shall also receive the following provisions as part of the package:
  •  A mantra to build the magical force
  •  A special vest empowered with this Magical Force to be worn during meditation
  •  A special custom amulet
  •  The special, Rawa Rontek stone
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