Magical Power of Rembulan


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Magical Power of Rembulan

The rare javanse magical power draws its energy from the moon light.
“Ilmu Empowerment item”

Magickal Attraction/Enchantment

The Power of the Moon


The moon was considered by many ancient civilizations to be a magical planetary being and as the closest world to the earth said to bring with it cosmic powers which can be felt by some. Many ancient practitioners elect to conduct meditations and rituals at night and most particularly during the Full Moon. The power it emits is said to multiply the effects and virtues of meditation.


This Magical Power whose origins date back to the ancient Singosari Kingdom, harvests and holds the powers of the moon. Its forces are limitless, and it brings benefits to all aspects of the keeper’s life. With the Power of the Moon comes physical prowess, financial improvements, increased respect from others and many more virtues including the ability of the keeper to appear much more desirable and charming. This virtue will make the owner glow like the moon on a clear night.

The endless benefits and virtues brought to the keeper by this Magical Power include:

l  The emission of a glowing aura making the keeper appear much more charming, approachable and desirable

l  A more youthful and energized appearance

l  Sympathetic and helpful arousal will be stimulated in others toward the keeper

l  Negative intentions by others will be deflected. The keeper will be protected from metaphysical, spiritual and physical harm

l  Metaphysical beings and entities will be won over more easily and the keeper will command both their sympathy and respect



Application / Method of transfer

Method of transfer

–       This Magical Powerwill be directly transferred by our adept in a period of 3 days.

–       The client will receive 3 empowered capsules that he must ingest as directed.

–       The client shall also receive the following provisions as part of the package:

  •  A description regarding the Magical Power
  •  A special susuk talisman to keep on his person at all times
  •  A specially empowered cloth
  •  An empowered azimat talisman.
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