Magical Power of Rojo Pati


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Magical Power of Rojo Pati

“Remote Metaphysical Spiritual Empowerment”

This magickal power is provided with a Powerful Genie/Jinn of Raja Pati



Important Note: Rules governing acceptance for this potent power are very strict and clearly defined. For those who apply they must also submit the following:

  1. A full face picture
  2. Full name
  3. Full date of birth

Due to the nature of this magical power selection processes are stringent. Only those we deem to be responsible will be accepted. The power is only transferred to genuine practitioners who are actively practicing a positive path.

This Magical Power is a superlative magical offensive force from Ponorogo. The keeper will be conferred with the ability to annihilate his enemies and others including shamans and magicians with bad intentions. This power can also be used by those who are not trained in the magick arts so it must be practiced with great care and respect. We do not condone the use of this power on innocent individuals. Those found breaking our code of conduct will be subject to negative karmic consequences and the power will be removed from the abuser completely. We cannot stress strongly enough that this power is not for use by irresponsible persons!


The keeper of this power will be conferred with the ability to remotely strike down his enemies by sending waves of attack to weaken the auric field of his or her target. This remote power can also be used to weaken and destroy the physical fields of business and home. As a potent power this magical force is extremely effective in producing physical and metaphysical strikes. It should only be used against those who are known to be evil or who have bad intentions at heart. Those who seek to destroy the keeper will be a primary victim of this mighty force.

Because of the potency of this energy it is advisable to be used only as a last resort against enemies or shamanic practitioners who are constantly abusing and injuring innocent individuals with magickal spells or against demonic entities with negative intentions.


This power disables even the most powerful of magicians and shamans who are abusing their position by delving into darker forms of the occult and harming those around them. The force of this Magical Power can also be used against criminals who are threatening and harming both the keeper and innocent individuals. It also provides the keeper with the ability to remove Magickal energies and powers from those who abuse the gift.

This mighty Magical power brings many other virtues, including, but not exclusive to:


  • Sending lethal attacks to your enemies and disabling their magical powers
  • Absorption of the power of shaman and magician enemies
  • The provision to devastate your enemies to the point they are unable to return attacks
  • Turning enemy strikes back upon themselves with magnified force
  • To easily command and  control genies and spirit beings
  • The ability to control or destroy the genies or spirits of your enemies
  • Destroying Demonic forces who try to command control of your environment or attack you personally
  • Confer on the keeper the power to damage your opponent with a simple blow of breath. This force is intended to deter those with bad intentions toward you
  • Automatic response returning the magical attack to the sender
  • Provides the keeper with the protection of the ever-powerful genie, Jin Raja Pati, at all times and wherever he goes


  • Application / Method of transfer

Method of transfer


  1. This magickal power will be directly transferred by our adept in a period of 3 days.
  2. On the first day the client shall perform meditation as directed, and ingest both capsules provided at one time. This power holds its force in the palm of your hands.
  3. A Special Talismanic Cloth (scriptures) shall be incorporated into the water used for the ablution.
  4. The client shall also receive the following provisions as part of the package:
  • A description regarding the Magickal power
  • A gentong rojo koyo special talisman
  • A specially empowered talismanic mascot
  • The Magical Jinn Spirit of Raja Pati
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