Magical Power of Singo Barong (Distance Metaphysical Empowerment)


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Magical Power of Singo Barong

Metaphysical Remote Empowerment



A Special Custom Made Ikat Wulung Jinn Harimau Magickal Amulet

This is a special authority inducing Magical Power which traces back to the Singosari Kingdom. It is highly recommended for those who hold important positions whether it be in politics, society, work or household. This ilmu will bring its keeper even greater authoritative power – ensuring he stands like a Lion figure over the animal kingdom.

This Magical Power will make adversaries bow down to the keeper and induce fear and trepidation to any opposition who challenge you with negative actions. The keeper will gain great respect from subordinates, emit great presence and gain increasing power of influence over those in his or her social circle.

The virtues brought by this Magical Power are so numerous it is impossible to list them all. Even those who consider themselves already lucky will benefit from the virtues this power will bring.

Anyone seeking to gain the attention of others and who wish to influence others with greater power and authority can benefit from this Magical Power. The force works automatically but is provided with a mantra to enable the keeper to develop and refine their abilities.

This Magical Power assists practitioners who are developing their abilities or who are in constant contact with spirit beings from all dimensions. This Metaphysical power will give one the authority and presence over the spirits including Jinns, Fairies, Khodams and all those from metaphysical dimensions.

Benefits and Virtues of this Magickal Power 

  • Prestige will dominate the aura of the keeper
  • It will strike fear in the heart of the enemy of the keeper
  • Subordinates will become more respectful of the keeper
  • All forms of life, both physical and metaphysical, will respect the keeper
  • This Ilmu will enable the keeper to win any argument, fulfill any intention and be successful in all disputes
  • The keeper will emit a protective aura charged with the strength of a lion 
  • This Ilmu provides the keeper with an Auric field possessed of a powerful charismatic magnetism affecting all those they interact with.

Application / Method of Transfer 

  • This ilmu will be directly transferred by our adept in a period of 3 days.
  • On the first day the client shall perform meditation as directed, and shall ingest both capsules provided.
  • Rajah ilmu (special scriptures) shall be incorporated into the water used for the cleansing

The client shall also receive the following provisions as part of the package:

  • A description regarding the ilmu
  • A specially empowered amulet named ikat wulung jin harimau


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