Magical Power of the White Tiger


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Magical Power of Harimau Puti


Magical Power of the White Tiger


Ilmu Empowerment Item



This Magical Power originated from the ancient region of Lodoyo. It confers on the keeper the authority to walk with the great presence of a white tiger over the animal kingdom. This mighty magical force emits the essence of dominance and through this energy alone brings many benefits.

This Magical power will bring huge respect for the keeper. He will be feared by opposition, peers and subordinates and be held in awe for his great charm, confidence and presence. Indirectly the keeper of this magical force will not be easily defeated in arguments or confrontations and it will also deflect potential problems and troubles. The powers of this rare Javanese occult secret make it not only suitable for those seeking to have a higher presence but also those now holding higher societal positions such as lawyers, leaders, doctors, political, government and other authorities.


Other benefits conferred by this magical force:


  • It repels all forms of metaphysical attacks. The keeper will be aware (By receiving a psychic impression) of the attack but will feel nothing and experience no harm.
  • The keeper will dominate all situations and be not only feared by opponents but deeply revered by relations
  • It will provide the keeper with the presence of a white tiger and confer upon him the same respect that mighty beast gains from the animal kingdom
  • Personal traits of the keeper will improve. They will become more confident, intelligent and able to deftly field the comments and criticisms of others

There are innumerable benefits to this Javanese Magical Power and all cannot be named. Please note that this Magical power is for personal use only.


  • Application / Method of transfer

Method of transfer

  1. This ilmu (Magical Power)will be directly transferred by our adept in a period of 7 days.
  2. The client will be given 3 capsules to ingest.
  3. On the first day the client shall perform meditation and ingest the capsules as directed.
  4. The client will also receive the following provisions as part of the package:
  • A description regarding the Magical Power
  • A special pusaka amulet which also contains the powers of this ilmu
  • A specially empowered azimat talisman.

This empowerment is Non-Refundable!!


Payment Via Bank Wire or Western Union Only! No Exception.


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