Magical Power of Udan Emas (Rain of Gold)


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Magical Power of Udan Emas


Translation: Rain of Gold or Golden Rain

This is a remote magical empowerment which magnetizes the auric field attracting Luck, Wealth and Success in Business.

This magickal empowerment comes with a Genie/Jinn Spirit specifically to assist in Business and Wealth attraction.

We bring you a very special Wealth power from the southern shores of Java Island. Known locally as Pantai Selatan the location is renown as a treasure trove of many metaphysical powers. This is a very rare mystical force and only available from our company.
This unique power can be used by anyone to benefit, enhance and enrich their quality of life. Business owners, government and political figures and laypersons will posses the power to naturally attract wealth, riches and prosperity more easily.

This Magical Power is particularly suited to those whose business is failing or if they are considering starting a new business as it is a useful force to have as an ally on the road to riches and wealth.
Udan Emas translated literally means “Golden Rain” which is a title many famous Pamor business men often collect in Keris Blades. Udan Mas Keris are normally of higher standing and have been so since the 12th century.
This Empowerment brings the keeper possession of specialized magnetic wealth energy directly installed into the aura. The result is a consistent magnetic attraction to money. This force is so powerful it can even bring benefits to the close friends and relatives of the keeper and the wealth attracted is from all forms in the material world. This results in improvements in not only finances and business but also with regard to health and personal life.


Magical Virtues of Udan Emas


The magical benefits this Ilmu brings are too numerous to list, but they include:

  • Living in prosperity, grandeur and luxury
  • The security of realizing money will never become an issue for you
  • Inspiration for money making plans will become easier
  • Guidance and Wisdom will come from the higher planes
  • Your creativity will be enhanced with the wisdom and power flowing through you
  • You will find wealth from unexpected places or sources
  • This magical force will help grow your business, make it profitable and sustainable, in addition to protecting it from your opponents who have malicious intent towards it
  • It will help you be successful in bidding and tender processes
  • The Ilmu will generate a great positive aura, which in turn will make you appear much more charming, charismatic and successful. Your presence will easily be felt by everyone you interact with.
  • The keeper will carry an extraordinary magical Magnetic Power – Luck & Prosperity following whichever path they take

This is very suitable and potent Magical Power for those who have just started businesses or already have businesses up and running.


Application / Method of transfer


–       This Magickal Power will be directly transferred by our adept during a period of 7 days of intense distance/remote empowerment.

–        On the first day the client shall perform meditation as directed and shall ingest 3 capsules which will be provided beforehand.

–       The client shall also receive the following provisions as part of the package:

  • A description regarding the Ilmu
  • An empowered Custom talisman to be kept on the user at all times.
  • A special hekal amulet. To be installed in the home or business premises.
  • A Magical Genie / Jinn Spirit to further assist in business and wealth attraction.

This empowerment is Non-Refundable!!


Payment Via Bank Wire or Western Union Only! No Exception.



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