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Magical Stone of Nabi Khidir & Sunan Kalijaga



Magical Stone of Nabi Khidir & Sunan Kalijaga

A success Talisman, the Nabi Khidir and Sunan Kalijaga magical stone is talismanic stone has been acquired from a sacred spring located in Mount Muria, Indonesia. The stone’s spiritual power is closely associated to Prophet Nabi Khidir and Sunan Kalijaga who have both gained tremendous spiritual authority from the area the stone was manifested from.

The adept underwent strenuous meditation, rituals and prayers at a sacred spring water location which is not easily accessible by humans, in order to acquire the Nabi Khidir and Sunan Kalijaga, since it contains such a high spiritual power.

Used mainly as a success talisman, the Nabi Khidir and Sunan Kalijaga magical stone will make you benefit from a number of virtues. You will be guarded by a thousand angelic beings and will be able to ward off negative forces and bad intentions. In turn, you will attract positive energy. You can develop the power of ‘Pancasona’ i.e. the Power of Regeneration.

The Nabi Khidir and Sunan Kalijaga Stone: A Very Simple to Use Success Talisman

The adept has advised the recitation is not necessary to benefit from the some of the powers of the stone, and by will and strong intention, the user can still benefit from the power. The recommended recitation discipline of the prayers given will have a significant effect on the user as all the benefits will be granted.


The Magical Virtues of Nabi Khidir and Sunan Kalijaga


• The Magical Stone of Nabi Khidir and Sunan Kalijaga can gain you trust easily from your business associates
• Be guarded by 1000 angelic beings/khodams
• Neutralise dark powers submitted by black magicians
• Possess a high degree of charisma and attract positive energy
• Ability to hold your position in work and gain improvement in your career
• Demobilise any enemy who opposes, they will become psychologically restless
• Possess invulnerability powers against enemy and weapon strikes
• Develop the power of “pancasona”, power of regeneration of the physical body if you are unfortunate to be involved in an accident or attack that can cause death. (This only works if it is not in your karma to die at that moment.)
• Success in any endeavours you undertake in your life.
• Ability to heal yourself and others
• Acquire Divine guidance for obstacles and problems you face in life




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