Mustaka Limau


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Mustaka Limau


Contains the genie spirit : name will be provided


Made from a special ancient (now extinct) type of wood, this object was used as storage for the enchanted, empowered objects and stones the owner had. Placing these empowered, enchanted, and magickal objects in the cavity of the wooden skull, it is believed that it will increase the powers and energies contained in the objects and stones. This item extreamly rare!!!!


Magickal virtues:

The genie spirit and ancient sacred wood are a great medium for helping to manifest any wishes, intentions, dreams and goals the owner has.

Method of use

A special ritual for granting wishes and intentions will be provided



Anoint with jasmine oil every manis Thursday night


These Collections of Sacred Temple artefacts have been collected from all over Indonesia. The majority of the collection comes from the Island of Java, Bali and Sumatran Island. These invaluable relics are from temples, sacred sites or personal collections of Javanese adepts.
During the ritualistic process, the adept producer underwent high level prayers and energy accumulation. Within this process a spirit entity will willingly use the object as its home, while certain divine energies would also attract a higher class entity. These artefacts contain no forcefully anchored spirits. The spirit genies or nature spirits found an attraction to the objects.
Some items we offer contain divine/Cosmic energies connected with the deity they represent. The religious artefacts offered here are objects of Spiritual power and highly suitable for installation within homes, Shrines, Temples or sacred areas of worship. Most relics are from the Majapahit Era. Possessing such sacred items is a blessing. Each historical piece should be respected and well cared for. Its Spiritual and Magical Power will benefit the handler in many areas of life. One can communicate to the spirit being inhabited in the artefact depending on its main virtues. The name is provided to make communication easier. There is no need to hide these magical objects in your meditation room, one can choose to keep these anywhere in the house as part of your decorative/Design.


Restriction and Maintenance:
These items do not require one to chant any forms of mantra, undergo a ritualistic initiation process or installation rites. The relics normally work on their own accord and can be passed on from user to user easily without restriction.
The spirits name is provided for those who wish to have direct contact. With all items we sell feeling the power of the objects is easier when contacting the Spirit force inhabiting the artefacts. Psychic training is required if one wishes to directly communicate to the Nature Spirit/Jinn.
The maintenance of these relics is simple. Anoint the piece with the recommended aromatic oil. Different items require different oils which can be purchased online in our web store or at any local Islamic store.
Burning incense near the objects helps to keeps its vibratory powers at optimum effect. This is considered a good practice as the spirit being of the object often feeds on incense smoke. Offering flowers is not necessary but is good practice particularly when 7 different flowers are offered to the spirit being. This practice helps one’s relationships strengthen and find themselves receiving unexpected help in life.

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