Magickal Handkerchief


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Magickal Handkerchief

Carry this Magickal Handkerchief upon your person and you will be magically irresistible to the opposite sex. It will also turn you into an imposing figure that commands the respect and admiration of others. The handkerchief has been imbued with sacred prayers and divine mantras, and consecrated by an adept in Islamic occult rituals.

Keep the handkerchief upon your person and recite the magical mantra that comes with it and you will put forth a magical aura that tremendously increases your charisma and attraction to the opposite sex.

The handkerchief is a powerful talisman not to be used lightly. Its purpose is to help the wearer influence those around him or her in a positive way, radiating powerful charismatic energies which will attract a loved one, protect you from enemies, and aid you in bending all those around you to your will.

Magickal virtues of the Magickal Handkerchief:

1. Dramatically Increases Sex Appeal
2. Dramatically Increases charm and charisma
3. The user commands the respect and admiration of others
4. Attracts wealth, improves luck, and increases net worth
5. Helps businesses resolve debt and receive outstanding payments
6. Protection from Black Magick, Psychic Attacks, Spells Hexes and Curses.
7. Protection from mugging, robberies, street crimes and other physical attacks

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