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Magickal Love Stone (Batu Pemikat Asmara)



Magickal Love Stone


This magical stone is imbued with the magical power to help one attract the love of their life. This attraction stone is ideal for singles that are looking for marriage or to share their life with their one true soul mate. The Magickal Love Stone is a powerful love talisman that will make you irresistible to the opposite sex.

Reciting the magical mantra that comes with the talisman and keeping it upon your person will dramatically increase your seductiveness, appeal, and attraction to the opposite sex. Use this love charm with caution, bring the Love Attraction Stone into direct contact only with one whom you intend to marry or enter into a serious relationship. The extreme magick power of this Love Talisman is not to be used lightly. Playing with Magickal Love Charms for one-night stands or instant sexual gratification will lead to heavy karmic recoil.

Magickal Love Stone is a powerful crystal that has been used for centuries to enhance love and romance. This precious stone is believed to have magical properties that can stimulate the heart chakra, promote healing, and attract true love and soulmates.

The Magickal Love Stone is believed to have the power to heal emotional wounds, increase confidence, and open up the heart to new experiences. It is also said to have the ability to enhance intimacy and passion between partners, making it a perfect addition to any romantic relationship.

There are many ways to use Magickal Love Stone to enhance love and romance in your life. One popular method is to wear it as a piece of jewelry, such as a necklace or a bracelet, so that its energy is always close to your body. You can also place it under your pillow or on your nightstand to promote restful sleep and sweet dreams.

Another way to use Magickal Love Stone is to incorporate it into your daily meditation or mindfulness practice. By focusing on the stone and setting an intention for love and romance, you can help attract positive energy and manifest your desires.

In conclusion, Magickal Love Stone is a powerful crystal that can help enhance love and romance in your life. Whether you are looking to attract new love, heal emotional wounds, or enhance intimacy in an existing relationship, the Magickal Love Stone is a valuable tool that can help you unleash the power of passion and romance.

Keeping this love talisman upon oneself and letting the magickal effects work naturally will bring your true loves desire.

Magical Virtues of this Love Talisman

  • Increase Attraction and Animal Magnetism to the opposite sex
  • Gain sympathy from superiors and associates; improve your standing in your workplace, ensure success in all of your business transactions
  • Increase your ability to make friends, expand your influence and social circle
  • Increase charisma and personal magnetism
  • Gain admiration and respect from others
  • Repel Negativity
  • Improve existing relationships, ensure domestic harmony.

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