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Magickal Putut Talisman Nail – Type A


Black Magic Protection Talismans & Amulets for the Home or Business. Protects the area from Psychic attacks, Ghosts, Paranormal Activity and Demonic spirits.

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Black Magick Protection Nail Talismanic Items

Grade AA (Large Rare-Type) Priced Individually.

Psychic & Black Magick Protection Talismans. These are supposed to be installed in the home or business offices to defend against Psychic Attacks and Spirit Intruders. This talisman will create a Magical Fence around the area its installed. The more nails installed the better the defense!

No Mantra or Rituals required, however its advisable to anoint this magical items once a month on a Thursday night with Black Musk Oil. These items have been forged the same way Keris has and has been charged/empowered with magical energies. They are considered magical irons and contain Powerful energies. This particular type which has a figure of a face that are extremely rare and hard to find, it is considered very special amongst collectors of Magical Artefacts.

This particular type has extra magical virtues.

  • Wards of black magic & psychic attacks
  • Create a psychic shield around the area its installed
  • Ward of demonic spirit entities, ghosts and negative spirits.
  • Safe guard the home from negative forces, create a positive field to attract blessing & wealth.
  • Item contains a Khodamic Spirit Entity which will stand guard.
  • Can be installed anywhere, your home, apartment, business office/warehouse or even protecting your personal space such as your meditation room.

Quantity is limited to only 6 of this type as shown in the photo these have a distinctive design on the main body.

Once sold we are not able to acquire more. These were passed down to us by a collector who spent 20 years searching for such mystical items.

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