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Magical Wealth Banknote



Use the Magical Banknote to help solve your financial problems and put your money worries behind you.


The Magical Banknote has the power of more than 1001 magical khodams Powers. It has enormous potential and can draw benevolent khodam entities into your working life. With their influence, you can experience abundance and prosperity.


Whatever type of business you are in, the Magical Banknote can benefit you.


It helps you influence those around you. It brings you luck and increases sales. Above all, it gives you the power to become wealthy.


Furthermore, the potency of the Magical Banknote does not end with business matters. It can bring peace and goodwill into your home.


The Magical Banknote is easy to use. Place it in your business premises, or better still carry it with you wherever you go. You do not need to chant. You simply anoint the Magical Banknote with jasmine oil each month. This ensures the Magical Banknote retains its magical powers and influence.


The virtues of the Magical Banknote are as follows. It


  • brings you luck and money
  • has a positive influence on potential clients
  • puts you in a favourable light with your manager
  • helps ensure business success
  • generates wealth-creating ideas and opportunities
  • provides stable business finances
  • creates harmony at home
  • encourages runaways to return home
  • automatically brings you the help of khodamic entities


Furthermore, the Magical Banknote achieves all this without chanting or rituals. Just anoint it with jasmine oil once a month to maintain its power.


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