Majapahit Mini Keris


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Majapahit Mini Keris

Very simple ritual to complete to summon the genie’s powers.


This magical item will provide the user with a wide range of magical benefits, helping you to achieve many goals, reach amazing levels of success, and improve many other aspects of your life. Easy to use and easy to maintain, this small, pocket friendly, empowered object contains high level metaphysical energies and inhabits a powerful old genie spirit from the Majaphit Kingdom of Indonesia.

When the item is used and the ritual is conducted properly, the genie will work continuously to bring you good fortune and grant you future success and prosperity, as well as improve your appearance and standing in view of others. This item can be kept in your pocket or at home.

Once the ritual has been conducted, the item can be simply carried with you or even left at home.


The following virtues of this item are presented below:

– Attract Wealth & Prosperity
– Improve Business Sales
– Improves Career and Personal development
– Assist in Problems related to the heart, IE: Love Life, Attracting ones Soul Mate, Putting a Spell on a person you desire.
– Protection from Black Magick, Psychic Attacks and Negative Spells or Curses.
– Possess High Level Charismatic Presence
– Attraction Power over the opposite sex
– Improve Domestic Harmony.
– Super Easy to use and command.


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