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Majapahit Tiger Fang


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Majapahit Tiger Fang


Majapahit Tiger Fang an extremely rare, naturally empowered magical item, this hard-to-find piece of a Tiger Fang comes from a magical cave known as the “Angar Besi Cave”. Simple to use yet very powerful, this highly sought after magical talisman will provide you with a wide range of versatile magical abilities and protections, which will help you to improve many areas of your life.

The Majapahit Tiger Fang talisman works simply by carrying it upon you, and will assist you in accomplishing many goals, such as increasing your wealth and prosperity, improving interaction with friends, family and your superiors, and instilling within you a powerful authoritative presence.

Additionally, the talisman can also help to provide protection from those who would wish to do you harm, and will help to protect you from negative energies and spirits, black magic, spirits, demons, and more.

This versatile magical talisman is a great addition to any inventory of magical supplies, and an essential magical item for anyone wishing to better themselves and their life.

The rare Tiger Fangs are found buried in the cave (the tigers died from natural causes over 100 years ago). Having accumulated powerful energies over time, the Tiger Fang is then further empowered by the adept to increase its natural force and further the empowerment of magical energies. Its power is strong and easily felt. The item is rare and only few are available in stock due to the tiger fang short supply and the difficulty in finding and acquiring them.

The following virtues of this item are presented below:

– Provides Protection from Disasters and Accidents
– Avoid Slander from people you interact with.
– Provides protection from Enemy Attacks (Metaphysical and Physical)
– Possess Powerful Authoritative Presence
– Gain trust from people you interact with, especially your superiors
– The User will find all their intentions fulfilled and their wishes granted.
– Always have the upper hand in confrontations & conflicts
– The Magickal Power of the object will help to attract Wealth & Prosperity
– Receive protection from Negative Spirits, Demons and Negative Genies
– Women who wear this object will find their soul mate at an accelerated speed
– Protection from acts of theft, fire and other accidents. The user must not take this item into clubs, bars or filthy places.


Note:  All items come with an Item Instruction Paper. These will be sent to you after you have confirmed receipt of your package. The Instruction Paper will advise you how to use and care for your item. Contact us to let us know you have received your package to obtain this item’s Instruction Paper.

Note:  Items may vary in size, colour and appearance from the image shown; however its purpose will remain the same as that described above.


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