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Mandala – Padmasambhava


Mandala Painting – Padmasambhava

Original Buddhism Mandala Thangka Painting, Hand made painting on Canvas, found on sacred Buddhist temple.

Size approx. : Width 68cm x Length 84cm

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Mandala Painting – Padmasambhava

Size approx. : Width 68cm x Length 84cm

This artwork is a hand painted Mandala Painting. It features three colors : Black, White and Red, and is created by using a traditional Buddhist technique called “Gouache”. The painting is colorful and vibrant and the meaning of it symbolises unity of all the six realms of existence (physical and spiritual).

The Mandala Painting – Padmasambhava is the representation of the universe and the spiritual journey to enlightenment. It is a sacred symbol used in Hinduism and Buddhism as well as other religions around the world. The circle represents the infinite power of the universe and the balance between good and evil. The dragon is also a symbol of divine energy because it has the ability to fly in space without wings. The two dragons represent yin and yang, which are opposite forces that are complementary but different at the same time, like day and night.

Mandala is a Buddhist term and these icons are used in a similar manner as Christian crosses, or Star of David. They represent five elements in nature (water, wind, fire, earth and space). The mandala symbolically represents the entire universe of our present life essence.

The artwork is beautiful to look at and has a deep meaning. It can be used as an inspiration to live in harmony with ourselves, nature, and the universe. The mandala is a circular artwork that represents the universe. It has four sides representing different seasons and directions. The circle in itself symbolises eternity, and it is believed that the circle depicts infinity.

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