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Mystical Power of Enchantment & Attraction


Mystical Power of Enchantment & Attraction


Mystical Power of Enchantment & Attraction

Magical Power of Kinasih Rare Javanese Magical Power!


This Distance Magical power of Kinasih is exclusively provided by the Team,

Mystical Power Of Enchantment &Amp; Attraction
Mystical Power of Enchantment & Attraction


This subtle, yet strong self-esteem Mystical power of attraction originates from the ancient Singosari Kingdom 10th to 12th Century. It is a power of attraction especially suitable not only for those working in social positions but also for anyone seeking to improve their persona.

This magical power of Kinasih will endow the keeper with the ability to win people over, become respected, attract compassion from others and appear more desirable. You will also entice others more easily be it strangers, friends, family, colleagues or superiors. This rare legendary power is suitable for both men and women who wish to increase their sexual prowess and influence over the opposite sex. Your words will hold power that easily penetrates into the most stubborn minds.

In a nutshell, this magical power Kinasih elicits enchantment and is useful for celebrities, politicians, salespersons, business people, public speakers and all those needing to positively influence the attitude of others. It is beneficial to anyone who wishes to make life easier when interacting with the outside world. Gaining sympathy, affection, friendship, and influence easily helps in all walks of life. People will always tend to act positively toward the owner of this mystical power. Regardless of how stubborn or aggressive they usually are to others, the same behaviour pattern won’t be for the user.

If you dream of increasing your popularity then this Magical power is perfect. It will also provide other significant benefits which include:

Mystical Power of Enchantment & Attraction

  • Issues, problems or trouble are quickly and easily resolved
  • Easily soften stubborn individuals
  • Gain trust and friendship easily
  • Your fame and popularity will improve
  • Social and financial status will be enhanced
  • Others will increase the trust placed in you – do not abuse this trust
  • Relationships with relatives and strangers alike will be enhanced
    • Increased growth and profitability of business ventures 
  • You will be able to positively influence those you interact with
  • Friends will be made more easily and your social circle will expand
  • Respect will come more easily and you will be viewed in a positive manner
  • You will emit a positively charged aura
  • Others will view you as more charismatic and charming
  • Your ability to attract the opposite sex will be improved



Application / Method of energy transfer


The mystical power of Kinasih Distance/Remote Energy Transfer:

Magical Power of Kinasih Initiation is conducted as a Distance Remote Energy Transfer.

Payment is Strict via Bank Wire : We do not accept Credit Cards, Paypal, Money Gram or Western Union for Custom Remote Transfers.



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