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Mystical Power of Fortune & Prosperity


Mystical Power of Fortune & Prosperity


Mystical Power of Fortune & Prosperity

Magical Power of Raja Kaya From  The Sacred Mount Kawi

Remote Transfer directly into the Users Aura – No self-initiation is required for this.

This Empowerment is Exclusive to and not available anywhere else!


Mystical Power Of Fortune &Amp; Prosperity
Mystical Power of Fortune & Prosperity

This ancient wealth Mystical Power Raja Kaya (Kings Wealth) with origins founded in the  Sacred Mountain KAWI (Gunung Kawi) was popular with Businessmen of the era. This spiritual location was often used by Shamans to conduct magical rituals particularly for those involved in business and trade.

Today many Indonesian businessmen & Women still pay local shamans to perform rituals to attract fortune and blessing for the one who requests it, this is considered as one of the most powerful & safest Wealth Ritual it does not employ any animal sacrifices or offering to Dark Spirit. The empowerment draws in the wealth of energy from the sacred dimension located at the peak of the mountain.

This Mystical Power from Mount Kawi is known for its potent ability to attract Prosperity & Fortune for the keeper. Especially useful for those in the business of any kind, it will bring great riches, everlasting prosperity and grandeur at an easier and accelerated pace. This power also assists in career development, the energies empowered into the aura with white light that will bring good luck, peace and harmony.

The main feature of this Spiritual Force is the ability to ease away obstructions and issues impeding your business while simultaneously protecting it from magical attacks and enemies who seek to destroy it. This provides the keeper with dual benefits – defence empowerment and a wealth attraction empowerment all in one Magical Force it is why it’s referred to as the Raja Kaya Translated as (Kings Wealth).

Through the blessings of this magical power of Raja Kaya wealth, you will achieve immense success in life with greater ease.

This wealth enhancement Metaphysical power will bring many benefits to its owner, but the main focus is financial:

Mystical Power of Fortune & Prosperity – Legendary Power of Raja Kaya


  • The keeper will prosper always and never run out of wealth.
  • Any business venture attempted by the keeper will have a higher chance of prospering, growing immediately and becoming profitable
  • Both the keeper and his ventures will be steered from troubles and issues
  • Current economic issues will be resolved
  • The keeper will attract wealth from all corners of the world; even from the most unexpected places
  • Good Luck & Windfalls will be easier to attract.
  • Career Development will be easier for the owner of this Mystical Power
  • Your Aura will radiate powerful white light energies attracting positive opportunities into your life as well as positive people.


This empowerment is Non-Refundable!!

Payment Via Bank Wire : We do not accept Credit Cards, Paypal, Money Gram or Western Union for Custom Remote Transfers.


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