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Mystical Power of Qilin Lion (Singo Barong)


Mystical Power of Qilin Lion


Mystical Power of Qilin Lion (Singo Barong)

The Mythological Lion is also known as Kilin, or Qilin or Singo Barong Various Traditions within Asia spell it differently.

Mystical Power Of Qilin Lion (Singo Barong)-1
Mystical Power of Qilin Lion (Singo Barong)-1

The Mystical Power of the Quilin Lion is a special authority inducing Magical Power which traces back to the Singosari Kingdom. This mystical transfer is highly recommended for those who hold important positions whether it be in politics, society, work or household. This Mystical Power will bring its keeper even greater authoritative power – ensuring he stands like a Lion figure over the Human & animal kingdom. Your very presence will command respect from all those you interact with. This is highly recommended empowerment for those who are involved in Business, Politics, Celebrity, Government, Police, Military, Journalism, Doctorate & Sports.

This Magical Power will make adversaries bow down to the keeper and induce fear and trepidation to any opposition who challenge you with negative actions. The keeper will gain great respect from subordinates, emit great presence and gain increasing power of influence over those in his or her social circle.

The power also deflects magical attacks sent by other shamans, magicians, occultists and psychics. It raises the defensive level in one aura from outside energy attacks apart from its physical effects on others its metaphysical effects are also powerful. This Mystical power gives one authority in the Hidden Mystical Dimensions and on the Spirit Entities that live in them.

Anyone seeking to gain the attention of others and who wish to influence others with greater power and authority can benefit from this Magical Power. The force works automatically but is provided with a mantra to enable the keeper to develop and refine their abilities. The Seed power we transfer can grow to a much stronger force over time but with the mantra, you can grow this power at a more accelerated pace wand with even greater effects.

This Mystical Power assists practitioners who are developing their abilities or who are in constant contact with spirit beings from all dimensions. This Metaphysical power will give one the authority and presence over the spirits including Jinns, Fairies, Khodams and all those from metaphysical dimensions. This as a result will make it easier to tame and control other paranormal entities of all types.


Mystical Power of Qilin Lion

  • Possess a Prestige & Authoritve presence that will dominate everyone in the room
  • It will strike fear in the heart of the enemy,
  • Subordinates will become more respectful
  • All forms of life, both physical and metaphysical, will respect the keeper of this mystical power
  • This mystical power will enable the keeper to win any argument, fulfil any intention and be successful in all disputes.
  • The keeper will emit a protective aura charged with the presence of a lion
  • This mystical power provides the keeper with a strong Auric field possessed of a powerful charisma & magnetism affecting all those they interact with.
  • Your Words or Commands will sink into the subconsciousness of all those you interact with, thus as a result you will find it easy to influence people.
  • Your Intention, Desire or Will be become easier to convey across to masses or people you interact with.
  • Wealth and Prosperity will be easier to acquire, people would automatically find you a trustable character.

This empowerment is Non-Refundable!!


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