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Mystical Power of the Moon (Rembulan)


Mystical Power of the Moon (Rembulan)

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The Mystical Power of the Moon

(Power of Rembulan)

The rare Javanese magical power draws its energy from the moonlight.

Distance Transfer/ Magical Initiation

Power of Youth & Beauty sources its energy from the Moon Directly!

Mystical Power Of The Moon (Rembulan)
Mystical Power of the Moon (Rembulan)

The moon was considered by many ancient civilizations to be a magical planetary being and as the closest world to the earth said to bring with it cosmic powers which can be felt by some. Many ancient practitioners elect to conduct meditations and rituals at night and most particularly during the Full Moon or different phases of the moon depending upon the goals and ritual work. The power it emits is said to multiply the effects and virtues of meditation or rituals.

This Mystical Power of the Moon (Rembulan) whose origins date back to the ancient Singosari & Majapahit Kingdom, harvests and holds the powers of the moon. Its forces are limitless, and it brings benefits to all aspects of the keeper’s life. With the Power of the Moon comes physical prowess, financial improvements, increased respect from others and many more virtues including the ability of the keeper to appear much more desirable and charming. This virtue will make the owner glow like the moon on a clear night. This Power causes one’s aura to become magnetic allowing your goals, and desires to manifest at an accelerated speed.

The endless benefits and virtues brought to the keeper by this Mystical Power of the moon include:

Mystical Power of the Moon Power of Rembulan

  • The emission of a glowing aura makes the keeper appear much more charming, approachable and desirable
  • A more youthful and energized appearance that can easily captivate and enchant others.
  • Sympathetic and helpful arousal will be stimulated in others toward the keeper
  • Negative intentions by others will be deflected. The keeper will be protected from metaphysical, spiritual and physical harm
  • Metaphysical beings and entities will be won over more easily and the keeper will command both their sympathy and respect
  • Pranic Energies accumulate into the Aura every lunar month this builds up the energy to slow down ones ageing process.
  • build-up of energies on a full moon energies one aura to appear bright and attractive, the user can blend and make friends easily.
  • No need for Rituals, Meditation or such to build up this power, simply soaking in the moonlight once a month is enough!


Mystical Power of the Moon (Rebulan) Distance Energy Transfer:


Rembulan Magical Initiation is conducted as a Distance Remote Energy Transfer.

Method of transfer

  1. The Rebulan Mystical power will be directly transferred by our adepts in a period of 7 days. The initiation and transfer will be done on the soul level as if the guru is directly in your presence to ensure you absorb the full seed power.
  2. On the last day the client shall perform meditation as directed
  3. Package will be sent out to together with empowered talismans and capsules to complete the last phase of this initiation. This is sent out once the initiation empowerment is complete.
  4. You will receive a short mantra to further recite and build and perfect this Rembulan Mystical power of the moon.

For those who apply they must also submit the following:

  1. A full face picture
  2. Full name
  3. Full date of birth

Payment is Strictly via Bank Wire : We do not accept Credit Cards, Paypal, Money Gram or Western Union for Custom Remote Transfers.

Please note this empowerment is non refundable once we have completed the work. It is up to the user to further develop the seed power of the Moon. Regular Meditation, Breathing exercises and recitation of the divine name as given will further develop this Spiritual seed Power in the user. Regular fasting also helps accelerates ones development.



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