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Mystical Shamanic Power of Annihilation


Mystical Shamanic Power of Annihilation – Tapak Liman


Mystical Shamanic Power of Annihilation


This Mystical Shamanic Power of Annihilation is Exclusive to only and is not offered anywhere else across the internet online or offline. Please be aware of fake services being provided by our competitors that are duplicating our products and services.

This is a highly Dangerous Magical Mystical shamanic Power and not everyone will be accepted for this initiation.

Tapak Liman – gives one the power to destroy enemies, negative shamans, Occultists, Mystical Practitioners, Negative Magicians Psychics and General criminals.

Mystical Shamanic Power Of Annihilation
Mystical Shamanic Power of Annihilation

Please submit your photo and full name for us to determine the final conclusion. If you are not accepted this is due to the decision made from the higher dimensional worlds and cannot be challenged! There is no method or form of appeal for this request.



This Ancient & Rare Magical Power of Tapak Liman can be traced back to the Demak Kingdom of Java. It is available uniquely from us at as a direct remote initiation and energy transfer and can not be found elsewhere.

With this Mystical Shamanic Power of Tapak Liman, you will receive an empowered capsule to enhance the power given to you.

Please Note: This remote empowerment takes 3 days. The user is required to meditate for a minimum of 2 hours. Apart from the remote empowerment and capsule, we will also supply a custom empowered object with the same power. This should be worn by the initiate on a daily basis. So that the power can integrate and the seed energy grows to its full potential.

The keeper of this Powerful & Potent Magical Power of Tapak Liman will be blessed with great strength and spiritual force. This Shamanic Magical Power of Tapak Liman provides energies for healing, cleansing, defence and offence. Any attacks at enemies will have mighty power and be able to take down enemies with a single strike.

Although this power can provide many virtues for healing ones self and others, it is especially useful for shamanic practitioners and those interested in the development of healing skills. This Magical Force will confer in time the hands of healing, the ability to neutralises negative energies and negative implants or Negative demonic forces that will not let go of the host.


Mystical Shamanic Power of Annihilation


This superlative and elusive Shamanic Power also possesses a more dangerous application. With this Shamanic power, the keeper can send devastating strikes remotely to any physical person in the world remotely or physically in a matter of minutes it can be likewise used against Paranormal Creatures, Astral and Etheric spirit forces.

The Mystical Shamanic power also provides the capacity to destroy spirit beings such as Ghosts, Jinns, Genies Astral or Etheric Creatures and Fairies which have been sent by black magicians or other occult practitioners. The power can also be used to return such Magical Attacks back to the source at a much greater force so strong that the sender will be devastated. This causes the sender to suffer damage not only physically and mentally but also spiritually.  The returned force is so destructive to the power of your enemy it will prevent them from striking again if they even survive the attacks!

This occult force also enables the keeper to absorb the magical and spiritual power of his enemies and of his spiritual servants. The keeper has then benefited from the absorbed power and his enemies servants are at the keeper’s command. With this ability, any magician opposing the keeper is in real danger of not only losing his power but also strengthening the Keeper’s power and alliance with the magical world!

This is a truly unique and highly respected mystical shamanic force – a rare and dangerous power. As such it must be stressed that this power is highly dangerous and should not be abused! Misuse of this power carries heavy penalties and will result in negativity for the initiate. If the code of conduct is broken the power will be lost automatically & permanently.

This power cannot be used against the innocent. It can only be directed against negative magicians, Shamans, occultists and criminals who are creating havoc or against negative demons and other spirit entities.


Mystical Shamanic Power – Tapak Liman


This highly Dangerous Magical Power should only be used responsibly. Abuse of this power will lead to the destruction of the user him or herself. We can not stress this enough such power comes with such responsibility!

Some of the benefits of this Mystical Shamanic Power of Tapak Liman:
  • Limitless powers which are virtually unstoppable by the actions of other physical or metaphysical beings
  • It will provide the keeper with an angelic palm (healing hands)
  • It confers the power to heal illnesses both physical and mental
  • Metaphysical illness caused by spells, chants, spirit possessions can also be reversed or neutralised.
  • The keeper will be provided with a power that can heal directly or remotely (Remote work requires Psychic connection and sensitivity)
  • The Keeper may also use this Shamanic Power to remove spirit beings from homes, business premises or any other place where exists a negative Paranormal spirit disturbance
  • This Magical Power provides the force to remove negative implants from others and to destroy the magical powers of practitioners abusing the force
  • Auras can be cleansed by the Keeper both directly and remotely (Remote work required psychic sensitivity)
  • It will confer on the keeper the power to strike at their opposition remotely. It can also be used to strike at those attacking your loved ones with criminal intent or threats.
  • This force provides the keeper with the ability to disable negative magicians and their spirit servants! With this power, you will not only be able to remove the power of your opponents but absorb all their Mystical Energies.
  • With great force, the keeper will be able to strike at negative or evil metaphysical beings (genies, demons, ark magical forces)
  • This Magical Force will result in negativity for those who have bad intentions toward you. This is intended to deter them from proceeding with their course of action.
  • With this Shamanic Mystical Power, Ghosts, Spirit Entities, Djinns, Genies, Fairies and other Astral Entities will fear you if they are of negative nature with the intent to hurt.

So many virtues are accessible from this occult force it is impossible to list them all. Needless to say this is a very potent and effective Ilmu to own.


Application / Method of transfer of this Mystical Shamanic Power of Tapal Liman

–       This magickal Shamanic power will be directly transferred by our adept in a period of 3 days.
–       On the first day the client shall perform meditation – Empowered media will be shipped by postal.
–       The client shall also receive the following provisions as part of the package:

  • A magical mantra to develop the power further to a higher degree,
  • A special ring or stone that further enhances the output of this magickal power and keeps your power levels high, Enemy Destroyer
  • A Magickal Custom Talisman to further enhance your Power and self-defence.

This empowerment is Non-Refundable!!


Payment Via Bank Wire : We do not accept Credit Cards, Paypal, Money Gram or Western Union for Custom Remote Transfers.



Please be careful of websites copying our web products, content and product category style. These fakes’ stores are not associated to us and are using our product pictures or services as their own. We are not associated to any other company. We are not responsible for any funds that are paid to these bogus sites. Please also be aware our remote empowerments, content and magical items are exclusive to

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