Naga Kawak


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Name of the Jinn Spirit Entity anchored to this object is provided.

This is a Standard Bronze Item which has been charged and empowered with a Magical Spirit entity.

Same Shape as the Pinoto Sewu except this genie focuses on wealth and business.


This Dragon statues has a shamanic type of Genie Spirit very similar to the Pinoto Sewo Dragon statue we have up for sale, except this one focuses mainly on wealth and career Development, It is slightly more easier to use. The Genies name is provided for direct commands and a short Javanese mantra is also provided for beginners too. The item more or less works on its own accord.


Magickal Virtue:

Business Prosperity, Assist in Trade/Sales

Attracts Wealth, Increases Income.

Improves Quality of Life Style.

Makes one Lucky in all aspects of life.

Improves ones Career development.

Increases Social Circle/Friendship.

Improves Relationship between lovers,

Helps to find a Soul Mate.

Improves Domestic Harmony

Power to Attracts the opposite sex easily

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