Nur Qudrat Semesta Jati (High Class Version)


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Nur Qudrat Semesta Jati

High Level Magical Empowered Stone

The Nur Qudrat Semesta Jati magickal power embodies virtues that will greatly aid those who seek complete wholeness prosperity. This blessed power will benefit any person who is in need of attaining perfect harmony and balance in their lives. All who seek a financial independence and freedom understand how difficult it can be to find the right mixture of these two important goals.

Aside from applying our intelligence, education, and mental faculties in the acquisition of financial prosperity and comfort it is equally important to apply our inner psychic powers in concert with what we are doing externally. In order to achieve these goals of perfect balance, many find that meditation and spiritual study help tremendously along with tapping into the creative self in order to find unique ways of reaching financial freedom.

The Nur Qudrat Semesta Jati magickal power can greatly enhance and boost meditation practices and positive thinking exercises. In conjunction with meditation, prayer, chanting and positive thinking, will bring about the balance and harmony in your life that we are all seeking to find.

The following virtues of this item presented below:

• Progress and benefits in work, business and sales, allowing for riches to be manifested.
• Ward-off negative psychic attacks and dissipate balck magick spells sent by rivals.
• Attract luck on the physical and ethereal planes from all 4 directions of the compass.
• Win tenders, increase sales by attracting more customers.
• Aids the jobseeker to find work.
• Encourage peace of mind, and stability in the workplace.
• Prevents and protects one from bankruptcy.
• Helps one become gradually rich, wealthy and prosperous.
• Protection from troubles and calamities.
• Gain insight and inspiration to think of money-making ideas.
• Win lotteries and games of chance in the time of need.
• Respected and honoured by colleagues, peers, associates and superiors.
• Remove and overcome problems and obstacles easily.
• Attract luck from various unexpected sources.

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