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Nurul Asror Rosary Special Higher Class Version



Nurul Asror Rosary Special Higher Class Version


Used often for spirit entity removal, the Nurul Asror Rosary carries other virtues, as listed below. It is one of the most powerful magical rosaries with a total of 100 beads. The adept has undergone strenuous rituals and high-level sacred divine prayers to empower the magical rosary. It is very powerful as it vibrates on a very high frequency. Those who can detect this power will be able to feel its force easily.

For those of you who are familiar with these prayers, they will know these are the ones used to call upon Divine Energies that help in spirit entity removal, increase inner strength, and more. The prayers are listed below:

• Khowash Asmaul Husana
• Asror Al Fatiha
• Jalsalut Khodam
• Sholawat Ismu A’Adhom
• Sirr Nurbuat
• Aslma Suryaniyah
• Asho Musa
• Al Qomar
• Ashbul Kahfi
• Sapu Jagad Inti Mubarrok
• Aji Sholawat Bathin Nur Muhammad


The power invested into the Nurul Asror Rosary is considered to be of a high-class power, empowered using only special magical formula, divine prayers and ritualistic methods passed down to adepts from Sufis and Islamic Saints.

The rosary itself, as mentioned, is not limited to spirit entity removal, but has a vast array of magical virtues and it is very simple to use. There is a series of simple mantras to recite to activate the power. This item is recommended for all users, whether you are an amateur or an experienced practitioner.

The Magical Virtues of Nurul Asror Rosary


• Attune to Spiritual Forces and beings
• With Nurul Asror Rosary, increase the power of your prayers & mantras
• Increase the power of your Inner Strength (Tenaga Dalam)
• Disable the magical forces or energies from your enemies whilst they are in your presence.
• Enable spirit entity removal; conjure Spirit Entities of power-spots, Khodams, Genies and Elementals
• Retrieve treasure and items from the magical realms when you pray with the Nurul Asror Rosary
• Divine protection from a 1000 Angels
• You will be visited by Magical beings and Spiritual forces
• Develop a high level of Charisma
• Develop an authoritive presence
• Possess magical powers to attract sympathy from those around you
• Gain protection against diseases and other physical illness or ailments
• Acquire assistance and guidance in any life problems or situations you face
• Receive magical knowledge and psychic impressions through your dreams
• The Nurul Asror Rosary is also used for psychic development; increases your psychic sensitivity
• Increase your ESP and psychic powers
• Sharpen your intuition
• Increase your intelligence and IQ
• Receive and communicate with khodams that are associated to saints and spiritual masters, if you possess psychic skills.
• Possess a radiant aura of light referred to as the ‘Nur Mohammad’. This power can also be used for various intentions or empowerments, as well as being highly effective for healing or assisting others with problems.
• Possess a strong personality and greater self-esteem
• Acquire wealth and prosperity easily and see your luck improve greatly
• Your enemies with suffer from uneasiness and be in a state of psychological breakdown.
• Your enemies will end up destroying themselves if they possess and direct negative thought forms towards you.
• Develop a high level of charm and personal magnetism
• Gain Magical protection against any attack from aggressors
• Neutralise dark forces or spirits in haunted areas or in possessed individuals
• Possess invulnerability powers and be able to ability to ‘distance punch’ attacking aggressors.



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