Occult Treasure Retrieval Oil


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Occult Treasure Retrieval Oil


Obtain wonderful and magical treasures thought lost throughout
the centuries with the aid of this magical Treasure Retrieval Oil. This is a
very rare, sacred oil that possesses a powerful enchantment, enabling you to
summon, locate and manifest great treasures an magical, sacred artifacts.


rare and highly sought after, the oil will help you find and pull forth magical
items hidden in other dimensions and planes of reality, or buried beneath the
ground, thought lost. With the aid of the oil, treasures and magical items will
be able to manifest in physical reality, so that you can claim them for your
own. Shamans in Indonesia often utilize similar oils for the purpose of
retrieving Mustika pearls, or items that have been hidden by spirits.


item is best used on burial grounds, ancient sites and ley lines, or areas of
where one suspects treasure or other occult artifacts may be hidden. The oil is
of great use and highly recommended for occult treasure hunters, as well as
those who already possess some psychic sensitivity and can already detect the
presence of a magical treasure in the ground.


There is
enough oil for 7 applications; it is recommended the user repeat the process
till the desired object is retrieved from the ground.


The following virtues of this item are presented

Locate sacred objects

Manifest magical items in physical reality

Discover magical items hidden by spirits

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