One-Eyed Coconut Oil (5ML – Bottle)


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One-Eyed Coconut Oil: “Mata Kelapa Minyak”

is a rare natural and magical coconut oil collected from the one-eyed coconut
fruit. This oil is very sacred. It is well known across East Asia, especially in
India, for its power to bring you wealth and prosperity. It has proven

Indonesia this particular oil is highly sought after by Javanese shamans. It has
countless metaphysical applications. Not only does it help you gain prosperity
in a short time, you can also apply the magical oil to any spiritual or occult
purpose such as healing and purification. We strongly recommend you place some
of the oil in your home or business premises. You can apply it to yourself
before business deals, sales promotions, job interviews, etc.

This sacred oil is 100% natural.
Nature’s spiritual elemental forces have magically empowered it. A specialised
shaman has collected it.

oil has a very high spiritual frequency. It can help you raise your basic
frequency and empower you through constant meditation and application. This
results in a highly magnetic aura with a strong magical force against psychic
attacks and black magic. Furthermore, you will have a lucky aura that attracts
good fortune and prosperity in any endeavour you undertake. The power of the oil
also heals the effects of many illnesses.

India, people call the rare one-eyed coconuts “Ekakshi Nariyal”. Hindu Vedic
priests regard the coconuts very highly.


  • Gives you the power to attract money and

  • Boosts business success, career development and job

  • Causes your desires and dreams to become

  • Empowers your aura
  • Encourages your spiritual and mystical

  • Use in magical rituals and spells (associated mainly
    with wealth, money, business and career success)

  • Use as part of your meditation (daily application of
    the oil will charge your aura with high frequency energies)

  • Ideal for metaphysical

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