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Oyot Mimang 4


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Oyot Mimang 4


The “Root of Oyot Mimang 4 Confusion” known by its native term “Oyot Mimang” can be hung inside of the home Oyot Mimang 4 above your front entrance to protect your home from intruders or robbers,
however, it doesn’t work by keeping them away, but instead works by not letting
them out. Its magickal power will affect the minds of intruders or robbers, by
placing them under a hypnotic trance like state of mind whereby they will
endlessly wander in the home until dawn looking for an exit Oyot Mimang 4.

The intruders will fear that they do not know a way out and the confusion will occupy their
minds. This item is widely used by the local people of Java and neighbouring
islands who swear that the Oyot Mimang has proved effective against thefts in
their home Oyot Mimang 4.

The item is derived from the roots of the famous Banyan tree.
Banyan trees grow very differently to ordinary trees. They grow on host trees,
after their seeds germinate in cracks or cervices of the host tree. Its
formation then envelops the host tree, and it grows thick branches laterally,
which are then supported by aerial roots (roots above the ground), which look
like tree trunks. In Hinduism, the banyan tree is considered sacred and is given
the name ‘kalpavriksha’, which means ‘wishfulfilling tree’. The tree symbolises
eternal life and due to its seemingly never-ending expansion.

It is very unique and like the banyan trees Oyot Mimang 4, no two pieces are alike. When looking at the
Oyot Mimang, you can never quite tell where the root begins and where the plant
ends, its formation is thought provoking.


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