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Paku Jagad Genie Spirit

This is a very simple item to use. You only need to complete the simple installation ritual to activate the powers


This unique magical item appears as a large nail, and is an empowered object that contains 3 powerful types of genies. Appearing in the form of Dwarves, these genies originate from the “Demak” Region of Central Java, and will use their powers to improve the financial situation of whoever possesses and uses the item.

This easy to use item is an essential magical component for anyone wishing to improve his or her financial situation or become more successful in business. The genies are proficient in the field of assisting and solving money problems, manifesting new opportunities and guiding the user to make conscientious decisions that will lead to future success and prosperity. The item also protects the user from negative energies/Bad Luck/Magical attacks/Spells/Curses, and attracts good fortune & blessing.

This item is perfectly suited for business owners or those wishing to receive promotions or advance in their career. A simple mantra is all that is required to command the genies to perform a specific task. The recitation of the genies name is not required. This item can be stored anywhere or kept on one self.

Additionally, users who are clairvoyant or possess high psychic sensitivity may also communicate with and possibly even see the genie directly.


The following virtues of this item are presented below:

– Imrpove your finances
– Attract good fortune and blessing
– Have new opportunities come your way
– Improve your business standing or gain promotion
– Receive protection from negative energies/Bad Luck/Magical attacks/Spells/Curses


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