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Paramao Root Oil 100 ML for Effective Skin Healing


Paramao Root / Lawang Oil

Made from natural of Paramao Root

The Best Healer for Body and Skin Problem
– Rheumatism
– Eczema skin
– Itching skin
– Backache
– Stomachache
– Headache
– Stiff Neck
– Stiff joints
– Arthritis
– Cough and influenza

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 Paramao Root / Lawang Oil

Paramao Oil

Paramao root natural oil for skin Health is not your ordinary skin healing oil.

Perhaps, because of its scarcity, it is hardly surprising that there is more than a little confusion surrounding the history and botanical background of the Paramao tree. For centuries few were aware of the healing properties of the bark and root of this plant due to it only being found on two small islands in Indonesia. Originally it was thought that the oil, which is applied only *topically and not ingested, was derived from a tree known as the Lawang, however more recent research reveals that the tree which produces this highly beneficial oil is actually the Paramao. As a result of this misidentification, much of the historic literature relates, incorrectly, to the Lawang tree.

Paramao Root Natural Oil for Skin Health Has Science-backed Benefits to Health

Although the oil produced from the bark and root of the Paramao has, for centuries, been used locally to aid a variety of conditions, it is only now that emerging research has been able to analyse it and identify individual compounds which are scientifically proven to have medicinal benefits.

The main medicinal element would appear to be Eugenol which has long since been known for its efficacy as a topical anaesthetic and is most notably found in Clove oil. This is still in use today, not only by many dentists, but also in a variety of contemporary dental compounds. The evidence suggests that it is Eugenol which provides Paramao oil with its superlative analgesic effect.

It is the analgesic properties of Paramao which are thought to be the most powerful. Although it has many other uses, as an analgesic it works to relieve pain arising from such issues as joint problems, muscle strain, nerve pain, and even bites, stings and toothache.

When using to treat specific spot area ailments, the oil can be applied undiluted. However by adding Paramao to a carrier oil, the soft spicy bouquet of cinnamon and cloves make it ideal for either an all over body massage or just to relieve tired and aching feet after a long day. Paramao body massages are becoming increasingly popular as the medicinally beneficial oil, combined with the expertise of the massage therapist, provides relief from common digestive disturbances such as bloating and indigestion. However it is no less popular for providing a general overall feeling of well-being as it relaxes taut muscles and relieves tension.

Today, and with increasing frequency, science is now proving that many traditional treatments have elements which provide medicinal benefit and, we are proud to say, Paramao Root Oil is contained within that number. Although this valuable and rare natural product, has, for generations only been available to only a select few, we are pleased to say that it can now be offered globally through our online store.

* Paramao oil is for topical use only: that is for external application to undamaged skin. It should not be be ingested and if this is done accidentally you should seek medical advice. It is for application to the limbs and torso only and face and other sensitive areas should be avoided.

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