Payung Umbrella Talisman


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Provides Magical Protection from all forms off disturbance and attacks/Spells.


Very Rare even in Indonesia to find an old one of this shape and size! a True Collectors Items and magically powerful too!



Only 1 as shown.

Object has a ancient khodamic spirit. SUPER Rare!



  • Original, genuine ancient item, sacred
  • Virtues  :– Guarding the house from any harm,
    – Repels bad luck and negative energy,
    – Increases prestige,
    – Respected by others,
    – Protection from bad luck & black magic attacks,
    – Removes negative spirits or demonic entities from ones home,
    – Powerful object to deflect all forms of dark magical creatures and magician,
    – This is a ideal item to keep for magickal practicioners and those who meditate. 
  • Usage  : Anoint with rose oil every Thursday night
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