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Personal Psychic Reading


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Personal Psychic Reading

Psychic Scan Only

This Personal Psychic Reading scan is conducted so that you may receive valuable Psychic analysis and information on Personal Psychic Reading
yourself. With the knowledge provided in this report you can further enhance
various aspects of your life which may require more of your attention.

You will be provided with more information on your stronger abilities and
well as your weaknesses. This psychic information is very useful as it allows you to
make use of and take advantage of your personal strengths and highlight those
areas which require improvements and further development. The information will
assist you to improve certain weaker aspects of your life to improve and develop
a stronger personality and to iron out flaws in your character.

This Personal Psychic Reading
psychic scan will give you an overview and should be used as a guide to better
understand one’s character.  This Psychic
scan will also give you spiritual based information, as the report will also
include information of the weaker chakras in your body or areas of healing you
may require.

Details of what you will get in your Personal Psychic Report:

  • Your ‘weton’ Birth Date,
    (Your Javanese birth date, highlights dates which can be used for your
    fasting and occult rituals)
  • Animal Totem Reading 
  • Composition of Energy Structure: Water, Fire, Earth or
    Air Personal Psychic Reading
  • Secret Numbers according to the Javanese
  • Strengths in your personality Personal Psychic Reading
  • Weaknesses in your personality
  • Occult Power you may be more suitable for, any hidden talents you
    can awaken or certain spiritual powers you may already possess. These are
    highlighted so that you may further enhance them, if you wish to do
  • Chakra Reading, which will pin-point which chakras are weak and
    also includes the overall status of all your 7 major chakras and how they are
    affecting your character or spiritual development.
  • Business Area you are suitable for and that you should aim
  • Colour which is more suitable for you – these can then be
    incorporated into your life
  • Precious Gemstone that is more suitable to you – This is not
    always mentioned in our report.

Information we require from you to conduct the Scan:

Complete Name

of Birth & Place of Birth

Clear Personal Psychic Reading
and Large picture of yourself.

Please note: Passport sized photographs
will not be accepted. Please ensure the images are of very good quality. Low
quality images will be declined. We suggest that you use a good Digital Camera
to take the images. Please convert large files to .jpg format and email them to
us, with your contact name and details.
Please make sure your images are less than 1 MB each in file

Strictly Bank Wire : We do not accept Credit Cards, PayPal, Money Gram or Western Union for Custom Remote Transfers.


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