Pinoto Sewo (Water Dragon)—SOLD


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(Nogo Air/Water Dragon)


The magickal genie spirit inhabiting this item will assist in fulfilling all your intentions and desires. The genies name is provided with the instruction paper, there is a short Javanese Mixed Arabic Mantra to recite and command for those who are beginners in this art. For Psychics who are well developed one only needs to call out the genies name for its presence to appear.


This is a powerful Item and very unique, this particular genie can manifest itself to the user. This often depends from user to user but the genie has the ability to become visible physically only to its master. This is user dependable and not guaranteed for everyone. Those how possess psychic sensitivity will easily detects the genies presence. The item can be installed in the house or at ones business premises but it must be installed on the top floor or on higher grounds.


Magickal Virtues:


Improves Business & Trade,


Helps to attract Wealth from all points of the compass.


Assist in Fulfilling Intentions and Desires


Assist directly and indirectly, even without asking for assistance.


Increases one Authority Presence, Gives ones a powerful Presence which demands respect.


Improves Love Life, Relationships and turns enemies into friends.


Assist in collecting Debts,


Improves Career, helps to always climb higher in one’s personal career Development.


Social Prestige, Increases Social Circle/Friendship


Guards in the Magickal World against Negative Spirits of all kind,.


Guidance When astral travelling or practicing development of Clairvoyance.


Deflects Magickal Attacks from Negative Shamans, Wizards etc.


Deflects all forms of Black Magick, Witchcrafts, Spells,


Guards one home from Intruders, Thief’s and Aggressors.


Protection of ones Personal Asset either at home or business premises.


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