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Potential Business Premises Psychic Scan


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Potential Business Premises Psychic Scan

This Potential Business Premises scan is dedicated for people who are looking to move in or
buy new premises for their business. This scan can also be used by business men
and women who are planning to relocate and set up new offices for production,
office admin or full business operation Potential Business Premises.

will scan in up to 3 properties that you are potentially thinking of moving your
business into. The advice given by the psychic is a guideline and will assist in
your final choice based on which premises will be suitable for your business and
which location will bring you more success and prosperity. This
Psychic scan service is just a report on which property is best to go for
and will not go in depth into explaining why the other properties are not
suitable locations.

It is Potential Business Premises
very easy to choose properties which affect the business operations in a
negative way. By choosing the wrong property, you can drastically slow down
business trade, and prosperity will be drained or even worse, growth of your
business will cease, forcing you to shut your business down completely. Although
you may agree location is important to attracting more sales, in a metaphysical
sense, location is also vitally important for general business prosperity and

The Potential Business Premises
earth’s soil vibrates at different rates in different locations. The vibrations
vary due to the psychic atmosphere of that location and other metaphysical
aspects; it may possess strong negative vibes or strong positive vibes and
energies. Therefore to minimise the impact and risk of negative vibes and
energies, we recommend carrying out a simple scan which can help you select a
more suitable business location base.

Our Potential Business Premises
services should only be used as guidelines; the final decision is always in your
hands. However, by being advised on the metaphysical aspect of your desired
locations, we can assist to you to make a wiser decision.

Information we require from you to conduct the Scan:

Business Owner’s Full Name and Date of Birth

Business Name and Nature of Business (i.e. type of business

3 Potential Business Premises
Pictures of the 3 properties you are interested in.  If you have chosen more than 3
properties/ locations, we will charge an additional £15.00 for each
additional picture scanned Potential Business Premises

Please note: Please ensure the images are of
very good quality. Low-quality images will be declined. We suggest that you use
a good Digital Camera to take the images. Please convert large files to .jpg
format and email them to us, with your contact name and details.  Please make sure your images are less
than 1 MB each in file size.

This service is Strictly Bank Wire : We do not accept Credit Cards, PayPal, Money Gram or Western Union for Custom Remote Transfers.


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