Power of Kidung Mocopat


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Power of Kidung Mocopat

Self-Empowerment Item

This is a high-level spiritual empowerment which combines many high-level invulnerability and inner strength powers, whose essence has been passed down from Ancient Masters of Indonesia.

This power also combines the power of ‘Kidung Mocopat’, which is an essence power from (Saint) Sunan Kalijaga, who was renowned as a powerful saint aiding the spread of Islam in Java, Indonesia.

This power has been considered very reliable and effective. With God’s permission, with the power granted, you will always become more competitive than any other person who might have magickal powers to compete against you. You will easily overcome enemies as long as you are in the path of light.

This magical power comes from swallowing an empowered capsule which contains the seed power. You must first carry out a compulsory bathing ritual, followed by a self-initiation to absorb the high frequency energies. After the initiation you can develop the seed power further and direct it with your will.

The magical virtues of this item are presented below:

• Invulnerability power against enemy strikes, punches and kicks
• Develop magickal inner powers to a high degree and absorb psychic energy easily
• Powerful Attraction power and the ability to influence people
• Protection from Black magick and malicious attacks
• Deflect all attacks easily back to the source
• Develop high levels of healing power
• Protection against overwhelming crowd, Mob Attacks and physical aggressors
• Influence those around you in Business deals and negotiations
• Metaphysically create a shield of protection around your home and family members
• Protection against incidents and natural disasters

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