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Power Stone of Panantasan


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Power Stone of Panantasan


Power Stone of Panantasan-Have you ever wanted the power to always claim victory over your enemies? Be assured that you’ll be well able to handle any tough opponents that come your way with the Power Stone of Panantasan! Specially empowered with an ancient, sacred Magical Power (Ilmu) From Java, this stone will imbue a user’s punch with such force that you’ll be able to single-handedly dispatch your opponents and knock them out with a single punch!


Of course, sometimes you may come across opponents and enemies that also carry enchantments or possess enhanced combat powers. But the power of this stone, when used properly, is so great that it can also override any protective powers or enchantments that the opponent may possess.


After reciting a simply mantra that enables you to tap into the power of the stone, you’ll be able to deliver a strong punch blazing with tremendous power, capable of laying low even the strongest and most powerful of opponents.


If you are a boxer or other type of trained fighter, this is an essential item to add to your arsenal of enchantments. Additionally, the stone will also serve you well if you are worried about having to defend yourself from muggers or other ruffians that may accost you. Keep the stone with you and remember the mantra, and when walking through an unsafe area, you’ll be prepared with a strong defense against whatever physical attacks might come your way.


The following virtues of this item are presented below:

·         Develop the Infamous One Punch Knock Out!

·         Override your opponents magical power (disabled through combat).

·         Be prepared with a strong offense should a physical attack come your way.

·         Knock out enemies or opponents with one punch, no matter how strong they are.


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