Goddess Love Stone


Increase Sex Appeal with The Goddess Love Stone

A powerful love talisman, the Goddess Love Stone pendant has been enchanted and empowered with the very powerful and ancient of Javanese magical rituals. This magical and powerful love talisman pendant locks in its heart the unrevealed Javanese Powers of ilmu pamungkas and Hizib prayers mixed with the strong essence and virtues of pamungkas level ilmu asihan power.

Enhance Your Love Aura to Increase Sex Appeal

Being the master of this love magnet talisman, you will experience an enhanced love aura that will have magical effect on everything and every person that is worthy of your endearments. With the divine assistance that it brings to you, you’ll be able to feel the confidence, respect and affection of your loved ones and also those whom you want to pursue.

Unleash The Power of the Goddess Love Stone with Your Positive Energy

This love amulet is known for its ability to focus all your astral energies with a binding attractive force that draws good fortune and luck towards you. It helps you in garnering the praise and adoration from all directions and assists you in getting positive support in all your daily activities whether at work or home.

This Powerful Love Talisman Brings You Natural Glow

This absolute power of this Goddess Stone will be felt with desired responses that you get from the most unexpected of places and people. The stone is lauded for its ability to bring a natural glow in the astral projection of the loneliest of people searching avidly for their soul mates. Needless to say, that this enchantment works at its best when believed in and is surrounded by positive energies of its master.

Simple Usage Procedure

All of these benefits to its owner come with a very simple and straightforward usage procedure that does not require any mantra or any customary ritual needed to activate its effects. It works on its own once combined with the celestial energies of its owner. The powers and effects of the Goddess Stone are not gender specific. They work perfectly well for both men and women. This love amulet is very easy to use and just requires you to keep it in your pocket, or purse.

Some of the Virtues of the Goddess Love Stone

1. Enhances your charisma and panache giving your presence an unmissable attractiveness and helps you create an impressive charm. 
2. Rejuvenates your aura giving you a positive glow and confidence that commands respect and love even from your enemies.
3. Creates an attractive force field around you, like that from wearing multiple susuk asihan.
4. Emits very strongly attracting magnetic energy that makes your virtues and qualities irresistible to the opposite gender.
5. Makes you more compelling and persuasive by focusing influential energies that have hypnosis like effects. 
6. Makes your personality have a positive and sympathetic approach towards everyone around, harmonizing you overall as an individual.
7. Blesses you with the strongest and most desirable powers of attraction and love.
8. Helps you find and establish a strong relationship with your soul mate.
9. Attracts positive attention of your business associates
10. Helps in developing relationships based on mutual trust and love.
11. Contains special asihan powers that have no side effects.
12. And many more such virtues that present themselves at the right time.

Easy Activation of Powers

There’s nothing you need to evoke the powers of the Goddess Love Stone. They get activated automatically in your presence and get fuelled by your positive astral energy. You can carry it around conveniently in a pocket or handbag.


Always take care that it never lies in a place that is religiously unholy. Do not disrespect the stone by walking over it or stepping on it, or all its energy will fade away. Always use it with a clean heart and clear intentions.


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