Prabu Ayam Wuruk Magickal Statue 3dr Batch


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Prabu Ayam Wuruk Magickal Statue Batch 3

Price Shown is for Single Statue!  Genie name is provided for this item.

Each of these statues has general virtues outlined below, but all are unique in their own ways, the genies of these statues are from different Magickal regional area around Indonesia.

Some of the genies will be stronger in certain areas then others. The items are being sold at much lower discounted price, however there quality is still very high for their price range.


The genies present in this object are more of a shamanic class and can assist both in ones magickal work and mundane matters. No mantra is required. The user only needs to call out the genies name during a ritual preparation in order to call forth its presence.

These items basically work on its own accord or can be directly commanded to carry out any particular task you require. Just anoint the statue ones a month to maintain its vibratory powers. This item can be installed anywhere. The Genie is versatile can be commended for anything one request.


General Magickal Virtues:

Attracts Luck, Prosperity & Wealth.

Improves Business, Trades/Sales

Improves Position at Work/Career Development

Improves your Relationship with Friends, Family and Even Enemies.

Safe Guards one Assets, Properties and Home from Thief, Intruders or Aggressors.

Safe Guards one Family if installed In the home, from Physical and Metaphysical Disturbance. Protects the house and all its inhabitants from magckal Attacks, Spells, Witchcrafts Etc.

Gives one power of Influence,

Gives one Authority presence

Attracts Sympathy, Increases Social Circle/Friendship

Improves Domestic Harmony & Relationship between Lovers.

Many more powers not mentioned here, through personal communication and building up the relationship the user will come to learn more!

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