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Psychic Development & Astral Projection (Powerful 3rd Eye Opening / Activation)


Psychic Development & Astral Projection Mystical Power

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Psychic Development & Astral Projection (Third Eye Activation)

Magical Power Aji Paniling Sukmo (Third Eye Activation)


Psychic Development &Amp; Astral Projection
Psychic Development & Astral Projection


Psychic Development & Astral Projection Power of the Ancient Masters!

This Psychic & Astral Projection Mystical Power originated in the 15th century, in the area of the Sultanate of Demak, Central Java it is known as Aji Paniling Sukmo. It was conceived during Ki Ageng Sela’s intense meditation period and conferred to him from the higher spiritual dimensions. It is said Ki Ageng Sela could at will any time of the day detach his soul from his body and travel from village to village or on the astral plane investigating and exploring. His mastery over his psychic abilities was second to none and unmatched by anyone of that era.

This is a highly potent Psychic Development & Astral Projection power permitting your soul to momentarily detach from your body to accomplish any of your intentions (Astral Projection). The receiver of this power will easily undertake astral projection and conduct any forms of astral travel safely with practice and development and furthermore, your psychic abilities (Clairvoyance) will improve and refine over time. Other virtues it brings are the ability to enter the Psychic realm, have psychic and ethereal visions, and foretell the future through higher clairvoyant abilities. This empowerment essentially activates the Third Eye for those who are having problems developing their Psychic Development & Astral Projection (Third Eye Activation).

The PSychic Mystical Power is significant for those who wish to develop Psychic and telepathy abilities, your practices will accelerate in development. Your psychic sense will become accurate gradually when you will practice meditation and control your diet. This empowerment process spans over a period of 7 days for level 1.

Ki Ageng Selo, a prominent spiritual figure of high kesaktian Mystical Power, has developed this Psychic Power. He was a statesman in the Sultanate of Demak, thanks to his high-level Psychic Abilities and Astral Projection power, developed a close relationship to the sultan. The locals consider his life history as a legend. His notable achievement is the ability to capture lightning. He was interested in meditating and developing his own spirituality. He was the successor of King Prabu Brawijaya V. He was the spiritual teacher of Sultan Hadiwijaya (aka Jaka Tingkir), and the grandfather of Panembahan Senapati (founder of the Mataram Kingdom).

This Psychic Development & Astral Projection Mystical Power can be used by all including the Novice, Intermediate and advanced level practitioners, regardless of your Psychic Development level, this Mystical power will further refine and enhance your Psychic abilities to a higher degree and accuracy. For the novice, this empowerment acts as a Third Eye Activation, granted the third eye is always active it further opens the eyes

Please note: undergoing this Initiation does not mean you will become an instant psychic or instantly able to astral project, daily meditation, fasting and chanting of the mantra is still required to further develop the Seed Mystical Raw Energies we transfer over into your Aura field and energy body. However, by undergoing this initiation you will find it easier to develop your Psychic Abilities & Astral Projection. Patient, commitment and above all will power is required in order to master this very difficult Occult Ability.

Key Points :

  • Originally this Psychic power was acquired and developed by Ki Ageng Selo from the higher dimension through intense meditation over the course of years this was gifted to Ki Ageng Selo.
  • It is known by locals Ki Ageng Selo as an advocate for fasting on a regular basis, not only for health reasons but for Spiritual & Psychic Development.
  • Originates in the area of present Demak, Central Java. In the 15th century, around the same era of the Sultanate of Demak
  • Ki Ageng Selo was highly developed in his kesaktian powers. Popular folklore believes that he has the ability to capture lightning and appear at different locations at the same time.
  • Considered a prominent spiritual figure by locals and Javanese occult practitioners. Many tales and folklore surround him but even in the magical dimension many entities also feared him.
  • Accurately foretold the future and past events.
  • Only hand-selected individuals ever were transferred Ki Ageng Selo Mystical Powers this was carefully passed down from Guru to Disciple.

Psychic Development & Astral Projection Mystical Power Virtues:


    • Develops psychic and ethereal vision at an accelerated pace. Your Etheric Vision will improve over time and with regular meditation.
    • Accelerate your Psychic Development with Regular meditation, fasting and chanting of the mantra we will provide you.
    • Accelerate your Astral Projection Abilities This will first happen spontaneously but over time you will regain control and mastery
    • Ethereal vision will develop over a period of time and allow the user to physically see entities at will.
    • Develop telepathy easily during meditation as your Third Eye Activation further enhances.
    • It Deepens one meditative state, understanding of the hidden dimensions and this will flow naturally during meditative state and during problem-solving.
    • Develop a very high degree of Clairvoyance & Telepathy, this gradually develops for the user as you start to focus on meditation, fasting, chanting and refinement of your character.
    • Foretell, have visions of the future, predict future events very accurately.
    • Communicate to other beings and personal guides with ease.
    • Momentarily detach your soul from your body (Astral Travel/Astral Projection) This power develops gradually for the novice and intermedia practitioners.
    • Easily enter the metaphysical realm and other magical dimensions.
    • Subdue genie spirits, make entities fearful of you, and communicate with all forms of entities and magical creatures easily and with authority!
    • See Ghosts and spirits easily in haunted sites with your physical eyes – (Etheric Vision) This develops as the Third Eye vibrates at an optimum speed and you gain control.
    • The Users third Eye will become more active during meditation and during sleep. this will gradually develop with control and precision.
    • Your intuition will strengthen, knowledge advance knowledge or solutions to problems will become second nature as you will gain access to higher dimensions for guidance.

Procedure for Psychic Energy Transfer:

Once we have scheduled your empowerment, the receiver does not need to carry out any specialised ritual as the work and transfer is being done by us. However, we do recommend assistance as it’s advisable to meditate for 1 hour per day during the remote energy transfer process at any time of the day.

The Mystical empowerment runs for 3 Days for the Standard Level and 7 days for the Higher Level. We also suggest that meat-eaters should refrain from eating meat on the days of their empowerment if possible as this helps the body absorb the power at an accelerated pace. Conducting Islamic Fast (Dawn till dusk) further will enhance your ability to absorb the power perfectly within your energy structure. This additional discipline is on an optional basis and not required as the majority of the work is done by our team members but if you wish to maximise your chances of accelerated growth it’s advisable to follow our recommendations.

Once the Initiation is complete, we will then spend time producing your empowered items, such as sugar to consume, salt for shower purposes and empowered objects. The empowered media further reinforces the power that has been transferred into you.  This will be mailed by post to you 2-3 weeks after as these media are empowered over a few days on specialised nights and times.

This Psychic Development Power & Astral Project Mystical Transfer is available in 3 levels.

Novice can simply opt for Level 1 there is no need to pay more expecting your psychic ability to awaken faster this is now how one development will work. We advise undergoing Aura Cleansing with us first to maximise this empowerment. A clean energy structure will bring about greater effective results from our initiation and energy transfers.

Level 1
: This is the basic form of empowerment transfer. We spend 1 hour a day for 3 nights in a row to transfer the power into your energy structure remotely. Level 1 is suitable for anyone who is starting mystical practices for the first time.

Level 2: This level consists of 7-day transfer process.

Level 3: Intense amounts of energy is transferred into the body over a period of 21 days (Not advisable for everyone as this will stress those who have not spent a few years in meditation). This level requires the user to conduct Islamic fasting and control of one’s diet (No meat, drugs, alcohol) this level also requires 1 Hour of meditation daily for 21-28 days. The Initiator of this magickal power will also keep a close eye on the user’s development assisting the process to develop in a safe manner. We do not force the Third eye to open. Thus some users will experience psychic experiences within 28 days others may not. Level 3 is not advisable for anyone who has a busy work schedule.  Specialized Cloth, oils and media will be further provided to the user in order to raise one’s frequency and apply control to the psychic senses safely. This level includes a personal Genie Spirit to further guide and assist the user during the development process. The genie will guard and protect the user from outside negative forces.

Psychic Energy Level Pricing Below:


Level 1 £1500.00 (3)

Level 2 £2400.00 (7 Days)

Level 3 £4500.00 (21 days highly intense requires fasting from the user comes with an empowered head bandana and a Guardian Genie Spirit to protect the user whilst in development)

We highly recommend the user undergo a spiritual cleansing provided by us with either of the above levels.

The cleansing will assist the user to absorb the power to a higher degree and further removing psychic blocks from the energy structure. This empowerment works best once the aura is cleansed. The cost of this is discounted to £890.00. Instead of £1200.00 Normal pricing structure.

What we require:

• A picture of your full face in High Resolution (Recent Pictures are preferable)
• Full Birth Name
• Date of Birth

This empowerment is Non-Refundable!!

Payment Via Bank Wire : We do not accept Credit Cards, Paypal, Money Gram or Western Union for Custom Remote Transfers.


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