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Psychic Development Oil


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Psychic Development Oil


Activate your third eye and perceive magical spirits and
entities with the help of this powerful psychic development oil.


The oil helps one to develop psychic sensitivity
and gives one the ability to easily perceive etheric spirits &

Develop a high level of clairvoyant accuracy, as you use this oil
before conjuring spirits, khodams, jinns and elemental spirits. You can use this
oil on a daily basis through your meditation or training for developing your

The power of the oil also includes great attraction powers and
virtues to help you build a charismatic and charming presence.

This Psychic development oil is very easy to use, as you are
required to recite a short series of prayers to activate the power before you
apply the Psychic oil.

This oil is highly recommended for those of you who own khodams,
genies or elemental sprits as it allows you to have direct communication with
your personal aides.

The magical virtues of this oil are presented

  • Easily penetrate into the astral and etheric
  • Perceive spirit entities such as khodams, genies, elementals and
  • Develop clairvoyance
  • Develop etheric vision
  • Develop high level of psychic sensitivity
  • Possess high attraction powers
  • Possess charismatic and charming

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