Psychic Dream Amulet


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Psychic Dream Amulet



For centuries mystics have seen the future in dreams, yet this ability is something which has been denied the ordinary mortal of the western world. This magickal Sabak Impen talisman holds the power to interpret your dreams of both the moment and of the future essentially reading into psychic impressions. It can also provide you with the ability to understand the dreams, and so the future path, of others allowing you to provide psychic dream work for those seeking guidance Contained within this artefact is a powerful force that transfers its spiritual energies only on the keeper. It will share with you the secrets of psychic energies which have been invested in mystics and shamans for thousands of years.


The translucency and clarity of your current situation and any positive direction you should take, will become clear with this spiritual entity by your side. You will be able to make more positive and beneficial decisions when it comes not only to your personal life, partner and home-life decisions, but also in respect of the path you should choose when it comes to a career. It can even help guide the businessman or entrepreneur and will allow interpretation of your dreams to reveal the best paths to take. It will allow you to see through the falseness of others and to avoid them and make alternative decisions as to who you might associate with whether this be in your social or business circle. The ethereal entity contained within this talisman is meant only to perform good and to provide the keeper with a clear idea of his or her life destination by assisting with interpreting psychic energies and impressions


Virtues of this talisman:


– It helps reveal the true meaning of your dreams

– The spiritual entity reveals your true course through your dreams

– The falseness of others will be revealed to you

– You will be able to interpret the dreams of others

– You can guide those you care for through dream interpretation

– Positive decision making will become easier

– You will be able to interpret your current dreams and your future path

– Reading into the Psychic Impression of the future.

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