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Pusaka Ilmu Level 2 Belt



Pusaka Ilmu Belt level 2

The Pusaka Ilmu Belt is a unique magical adornment. It can be worn by men or women, but the magic is more suitable to men. Imbedded within the belt is a powerful talisman, consecrated by an expert in Ilmu Ak-Hikmah, the magical art of Islamic Occultism. Most of the powers of the belt work automatically, however a mantra has been provided that can help attune your being to the essence of the belt and accelerate the manifestation of its magical effects.

Pusaka Ilmu Hikmah is a powerful artefact that has been used for centuries to unlock one’s inner wisdom and connect with the divine. This mystical item is believed to hold magical powers that can enhance your intuition, provide clarity in decision-making, and bring about positive changes in your life.

The Pusaka Ilmu Hikmah is said to have been passed down through generations of spiritual practitioners who have mastered the art of tapping into the energies of the universe. It is believed that when you hold this artefact in your hands, you can tap into the same spiritual energy and connect with your higher self.

Many people who have used the Pusaka Ilmu Hikmah have reported experiencing a greater sense of inner peace and clarity, as well as improved decision-making abilities. Some have also reported experiencing heightened intuition and spiritual awareness of Pusaka Ilmu.

If you are looking to unlock your inner wisdom and connect with the divine, the Pusaka Ilmu Hikmah could be the artefact for you. Its powerful energy and mystical properties can help you to tap into your full potential and live a more fulfilling life.

Magickal virtues of the Pusaka Ilmu Belt:

  • It attracts luck and improves one’s financial affairs
  • It offers powerful protection from negative forces, psychic attack, and metaphysical entities
  • It protects the wearer from natural disasters and physical harm
  • Its increases, charisma, attraction, and the respect and empathy of others
  • It can give the user the ability to fell an opponent with a single blow or deliver a “distant punch” to strike an enemy without even touching them!
  • The power of the belt may protect one from edged weapons and firearms

Note:  All items come with an Item Instruction Paper. These will be sent to you after you have confirmed receipt of your package. The Instruction Paper will advise you how to use and care for your item of Pusaka Ilmu.

Contact us to let us know you have received your package to obtain this item’s Instruction Paper.

Note:  Items may vary in size, colour and appearance from the image shown; however its purpose will remain the same as that described above.


Pictures are illustrations purpose only, actual media differs from batch to batch

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