Rajah Uang Isim Sulaiman Wealth Power (Higher Class Version)


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Rajah Uang Jalbur Rizqi / Uang Rajah Isim Sulaiman

This is now upgraded to a Special Higher Class Level.

This talisman has been empowered and charged for the sole purpose to attract large amounts of wealth for its users. It works to improve your finances and stabilise your flow of income to live a wealthier and happier life. It wards of psychic attack (najar) and negative energies.

The adept producer of this item is proficient in Ilmu Al-Hikmah (Islamic Occult). This particular item is made from the secrets of the Prophet Sulaiman who was known to have wielded much power in the form of wealth and riches.

The virtues of this item are presented below:

• Attract wealth naturally
• Assist one to secure a good job or for business users it will attract sales.
• Brings you good and easy success for every business – big or small
• Gain good luck
• Ward off bad luck, losses and bankruptcy
• High charisma and attraction to all the business owners, partners and relations
• Open the gate of wealth and big business chances you will find opportunities.
• Helps you to motivate yourself, not become lazy, but diligent and ambitious
• Contains the power of lembu sekilan, for inner strength, enemies who attack you will suffer greatly by there own devices.
• Grants the ability of invisibility in front of the negative people, thugs or thief’s
• Your Dreams will help guide and answer your problems

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