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Ratu Queen Genie


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Ratu Queen Genie

This khodam / jinn spirit comes with a name. A simple ritual is provided for summoning the presence and power of the khodam / jinn spirit.


This highly empowered item comes to you in the form of a petite dagger statue. It was obtained from the southern coast of Java Island, Indonesia. The spirit within this talisman is quite ancient and possesses eons of powerful wisdom. It is said that the genie contained within this dagger statue is of the female gender and assumes the shape of a strong feminine guardian of the metaphysical realm. The spirit manifests herself as a very beautiful woman. When she is moved to make her presence known, those nearby will experience a gentle gust of wind surrounding them.

If treated properly, she will assist and strengthen her guardian owner in his daily life. She is capable of transferring charm and physical magnetism which has the effect of making you more charming and attractive to those around you. If she is pleased with her guardian owner she will manifest and grant unto him all of his wishes and desires.

This spirit will help with the manifestation the following:

– Accumulation of wealth
– Attraction of compassion and faithful love
– Business and career success
– Authority and confidence
– Safety and health
– Mental, spiritual and physical strength
– Protection from attacks, demons and other dangers
– Charm and physical magnetism
– The resolution of difficult matters in your favor
– Goal manifestation
– Will carry out requests, if treated properly and with respect


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