Remote Magical Attraction Empowerment


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Remote Magical Attraction Empowerment

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This empowerment can further be upgraded to include an empowered capsule for consumption. The use of a capsule will raise the magical power further, blending the energies directly to your body resulting in better absorbtion. Since the adept will be carrying out most of the work remotely, the capsule will enhance and further reinforce the magical power. The additional capsule can be custom-made and shipped to you via EMS for an additional £80.00

Enchant and attract everyone who you come into contact with, with this high-level attraction power. This empowerment will be carried out by a Javanese adept, who will make it easier for you to make friends and also turn your enemies into allies.

You will possess the magical ability to attract the opposite sex and leave a strong and lasting impression in their minds, making it hard for them to forget you.

Your aura will also be empowered, as you become more approachable and charming, yet you will be able to reject cheating partners. If you are single and unmarried, the empowerment will also help accelerate the process of you finding your true soul-mate.

The empowerment will assist you to be favoured and loved by your subordinates and your peers. Your presence will be elevated to be more youthful and charismatic and you will possess strong magnetic powers. With this power you will be able to successfully influence anyone with ease.

This power was handed down from Prophet Yusuf to both saints and disciples and now the essence of this power is available to you through the aid of a highly skilled Javanese adept experienced in the occult field.

The virtues included in this empowerment are presented below:

• Possess high attraction powers & effortlessly attract the opposite sex
• Attract more friends and increase your social circle
• Emit a powerful and attractive Aura
• Turn enemies into Friends.
• Automatically reject cheating partners
• Accelerate your process in finding your true Soul-Mate
• Be loved and respected by your peers and subordinates
• Develop the power of Youth as you possess a more youthful look
• Possess a powerful charismatic presence
• Easy influence people around you

This is a remote empowerment; the process to empower you will be completed directly by the Javanese adept. This type of empowerment is very unique and not available elsewhere.

The following empowerment was derived from “Prophet Yusuf” and passed on down to Ancient Spiritual Masters, Walis, Saints and their disciples.



This remote empowerment makes it much more convenient for anyone to instantly possess great magical powers as the hard work is done on your behalf. With this direct remote transfer the user is able to bypass the long initiation and activation rituals, as well as avoiding the long fasting and chanting that is normally required to activate and develop these high level magical powers.

This High-Level Direct Remote Transmission of Magical Energies is expertly transmitted and installed into the recipient’s personal energy structure so that a high quality result is not compromised. The spiritual adept offers many different levels of transmission, all at different prices; however, we have chosen the highest level offered.

The transmission includes a stabilisation technique, where the adept will tune into the recipient again after 3 days, to ensure the energies have blended well with recipient and will evaluate if further work is required. By doing so, the adept can ensure the recipient receives a full and high quality transmission of the metaphysical energies described in the empowerment above. The stabilisation is an important aspect as it allows the user to correctly develop the seed power without conflicts of any kind. This ensures that all our empowerments are carried out at a high standard of quality.

Also included in our price, is the transference of a large amount of magical energy, the adept ensures the recipient absorbs this ‘reserve’ energy to last the recipient over time. This is ideal as it cannot be easily developed if done through self-empowerment. This itself will manifest in the user at an accelerated pace.

These empowerments are given with a short powerful mantra, to further develop and build the level of the seed power in the recipient. All that is required to maintain the high level force within your body is the recitation of this mantra during your meditation and chanting sessions.

This sacred high level power is now available to you as a direct remote empowerment given by a professional Javanese adept. This type of empowerment is very unique and not available elsewhere.



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