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Romo Semar is a character from the Javanese Mythology often considered to be a Wise Spiritual Divine being/Demi God.

This magical artifact was once owned by a powerful shaman practitioner, We only have 2 available. Both Items have a powerful Genie Spirits to them. Name will be provided for commanding the genies to carry out any appointed task. The genies of these sacred objects are very versatile and can be multi task a number of commands!!

These are rare objects which are easy to maintain. Anoint the statue once a month with high quality saffron Oil


Magickal Virtues:

Assist in Love/Relationship Problems.

Domestic Harmony in the Home or Between Lovers

Helps to solve Problems and remove obstacles.

Helps to Pull Magickal artifacts from the Hidden Worlds and items which are guarded by Spirit Beings.

Attracts Wealth & Prosperity

Increase Trades/Dales if installed in one’s Shop or Business Premises.

Wards of Demonic Spirits, Negative Energies and Black Magick.

Can help to solve 1001 problems easily and effectively

Can be commanded to Influence a target for any particular commands specially powerful in seducing the opposite sex.

Increases one Magickal power of Attraction, helps to increase ones social circle.

Possess powerful Magnetic Personality to attract anyone you desire.

Assistance in Love Spells

The Genie can be commanded very easily, Name and Short mantra is provided.

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